☆AoS 2×06: A Fractured House☆

Okay, so this is really late, and I forgot some of what happened. But my computer was having issues, so I couldn’t post! 😦 But I’ll post what I remember. So, HYDRA attacked the UN, which was very bad for the SHIELD agents. And Ward! His brother is putting him on trial! Now, I know Ward isn’t a good guy, but I was holding out hope that he’d make up for what he did. But now he won’t be with the team! So, we probably won’t see much of Ward. That sucks. While I didn’t like Ward fully, he was a complex and interesting character, and I liked to see his interaction with the team. And Hunter saving Bobbi! I totally ship them! But Simmons feels like Mac is replacing her… FitzSimmons is falling apart! I’m glad Fitz has Mac as a friend though. 🙂

I know this Tuesday is a Marvel special, but I’ll post about that, too!



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