✿Agent Carter 1×04: The Blitzkrieg Button✿

I know, I know. I’m way late. I have a busy life, sorry. Anyway, I don’t remember many details from this episode but I’ll talk about shiz anyway. So okay, apparently Dottie is a Black Widow?? The coming episode will involve the Red Room?? Or so I’ve heard, thanks to some articles. That’s pretty cool, any connections to Nat are always nice 🙂 Also, Howard is basically a butthole. He lied to Peggy, and he objectifies women. Douchebag, much? The Steve’s blood thing was cool. It’s always nice to see how much Peggy cares about Steve, and aspires to be like him. Steggy4Life. And yay, Stan Lee cameo! He cameos in everything and I love it. Jarvis really seems to be a nice and caring person, and I hope he can patch up his relationship with Peggy. I have heard of some people shipping Howard and Peggy, but I’m like nah. I ship Peggy and Angie. It was mean but kind of clever how the cyanide pills were actually just breath mints. When Sousa captured that guy and was trying to sympathize with him… Yeah okay I love Sousa. I somewhat ship him with Peggy, and some people have speculated that they might get married. We know Peggy can’t marry Howard, because Tony’s mother is Maria. But we do know that Peggy marries a man, so Angie’s out of the picture. Sousa is still an option.  Well, that’s basically all I have to say for now.

I’ll post again soon!


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