✿Agent Carter 1×05: The Iron Ceiling✿

Gah, I’m really late, but I’m making sure to cram this in before tonights episode.

(Reason for my lateness- business, laziness, two performances, etc)

Okay, so we see Dottie as a child in the Red Room. Dottie is the villain, but thanks to others views, I’ve started to like her. Another girl gives Dottie some bread, and the two seem to become friendly. We then see Dottie being instructed to snap the girl’s neck. Later on in the episode, Dottie handcuffs herself to her bed. In the Red Room flashback, the girls were handcuffed to their beds. Through this we can see the lasting effect the Red Room has on Dottie. The Howling Commandos are back! In this episode they truly kick butt. Jack Thompson doubts Peggy at first, dismissing her because of her gender. Throughout the mission he learns to appreciate her. He ends up telling her the fact that he has done a bad thing, but everyone thought it was good, because they didn’t know the whole story. He reveals that he has always tried to tell the story. Peggy is the one he told. At the end of the episode, we see Thompson invite Peggy out for dinner, accepting her as “one of the guys”. Daniel Sousa notices that Peggy is the woman they were looking for, yikes! I’m worried for Peggy. From the trailer for next episode, it looks like Thompson will be the one to confront her. (Or was it Sousa?) When Sousa saw Peggy partially undressed, I was excited for a funny, blush-filled scene, but it wasn’t that lighthearted. I totally ship Sousa with Peg, although I ship her with Angie more. Angie hasn’t been a big part of these last episodes, which depresses me. Dugan is one of my favorite Howling Commandos, I was worried when the young girl stabbed him. Luckily, he survived. My family thought the little girl was evil, although I beg to differ. She had been tortured, and conditioned to be the way she was. Anyway, this was one of my favorite episodes, and I’m excited for the episode tonight!

I’ll try to post again soon!


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