✿Agent Carter 1×07: SNAFU✿

Late, I know, but at least I’m posting on Monday instead of Tuesday 😅

so, this episode– There was some hypnotizing… which wasn’t explained. Dottie is cool and amazing. When Peggy was talking about Steve’s blood- Omg, Steggy feels maximized. //cries forever             Dooley wasn’t my favorite character, but it was really sad that he died 😰 When Peggy was being interrogated, that was a good part. I liked the montage of the interrogators, and when she told them what she was to them. Later when they asked how she could have carried out investigation without them knowing, and she says that they never notice her “unless I have your reports, your coffee, or your lunch, I’m invisible.” Which is true, and now hopefully the men realize their mistakes. I love Sousa, he’s pretty dang cool, but like every other agent, he never thought that Peggy was that capable, which disappoints me. But Thompson and Sousa both said they believed Peggy, which is a step in the right direction.

On another note, tomorrow’s episode is the last. Although there are rumors of a possible season 2:

Jose Molina@JoseMolinaTV Feb 17

That’s right, next week is only #AgentCarter‘s SEASON finale. If the ratings are strong, the writers and actors are ready for season two!

Jose Molina@JoseMolinaTV Feb 17

Clarifying: we’re all hoping for a season two of #AgentCarter, which (ratings pending) is very possible. As long as y’all watch — LEGALLY!

So, that means there’s a chance we could have a second season!! 😄 The sad thing is, the ratings haven’t been too good. Us fans have been watching but non-marvel fans aren’t. If you have social media accounts, spread the word about the awesome show called Agent Carter. Make sure people have ways to watch legally, though. Here are some places which say they are legal:





Some of those sources may not work for some people, but try them out. If you are posting about Agent Carter online, spread these and other links around so that people can watch the show! I am excited for AoS to start again, though!

I’ll talk to you later about tomorrow’s episode!


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