☆AoS 2×17: Melinda☆

I’m actually not that late this time! 😯

This episode was one of my favorites. Well, compared to some s1 stuff, it might not be, but of the recent episodes, it is my fave. This episode had two main plots– both which I found worthwhile and interesting. Plot #1 focused on Melinda May’s past, and we got to see how she became known as “the cavalry”. Plot #2 was Skye learning a bit more about her powers, and learning that Jiaying is her mother. Both of the plots focused on important characters, and they were both important to the overall plot of the show.

melinda may in ep17-- Melinda

During all the flashbacks, we got to see who Melinda May once was. It was strange to see her display her emotions like that. I feel bad for her. It seemed like she and Andrew had a nice relationship, so it was sad that that ended. Melinda May changed a lot after those events, but she had reason too. It was a traumatic experience. When I was younger, something happened to me, and I’m different now. (What happened to me wasn’t really a bad thing though, it was nothing like this.) Anyway, I can understand why those events would change her. She had to kill people, and worst of all she had to kill a child. Obviously the girl had some problems, and that was the best option for May in that situation, but that was definitely a defining moment for May. She had loved kids before, and maybe now she still secretly does, so killing that girl was a hard thing to do. I liked how AoS showed the contrast between the old Melinda and the more recent, by showing the same events, but differently. (Showering, seeing Andrew in the morning) And now she is faced with some tough choices. She has learned that Coulson had a secret project he didn’t tell anybody about, and she may have a place in the “real SHIELD”.

Skye looking at Jiaying

In this episode, Skye learned who Jiaying was. It was so nice for Skye to have a mother and a mentor all in one. Plus, I mean, Skye literally moved a mountain. She is learning to enjoy her powers, and like her real self. We also learned that Raina may be able to see the future, which is really cool. Lincoln seemed a bit weird about it, so hopefully he doesn’t try to stop the “perfect family” thing. But, it also could just be that he was realizing Raina’s powers.

It was so cool that Fitz is joining the uber-cool team of Coulson and Lance. I’m excited to see them be a cool team.

I’ll be back soon with some AoU excitement posts!

Until then,


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