☆AoS 2×18: Frenemy of My Enemy☆

Hey! I’m back and guess what? I’m not late!!! 🙂
Skye in Frenemy of My Enemy


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Soooo…. Let’s talk about Skye and her family first. Something seems of about Jiaying… I’m not quite sure what, but it seems something fishy is going on with her… Cal is becoming more likable, I love that he’s making an effort to control himself. But– He’s not really succeeding. I mean, he freaked out and hurt Lincoln.. But if he can learn to control his anger, then I think things could be okay. Jiaying isn’t very nice to Cal, which is kind of weird because as far as I know they’re still married. Obviously that doesn’t mean a whole lot, but still. I really do like how Skye is getting a more important role in the show, instead of previously where she was trapped in the cabin.


Fitz and Simmons are getting cooler and cooler. Simmons is being sassy and standing up for what she believes in, and Fitz looks hella great with glasses. I love how when Fitz was worried about Ward, Lance tried to comfort him. Lance and Fitz are one of my brotps now 😍 May choosing to help “real SHIELD” worries me a bit. I understand that she is worried about the secrets Coulson’s been keeping but… Well, I hope she and Simmons can work things out.


Kara is p cool. I like how she told Coulson that she was a person, not just “agent 33”, and that she didn’t work for him. I like the relationship between her and Ward, they obviously care about each other a lot.

Bobbi and Mack



Bobbi and Mack sparring was a great part of this episode, they are so cool! Bobbi said that they should focus on HYDRA, not just Coulson. Bobbi is definitely a good person. If anyone finds her “evil” or “bad”, I will rant on how she is really good 🙂 If you think she is evil, comment and I’ll tell you what I think. fite me. *ahem* Anyway, Bobbi and Mack aren’t completely bad, imo. So. Also~Bobbi is going to be in an AoS spin-off !!! 😆

Last thoughts on the episode~~

Skye saying “Daisy Johnson” was great, I really liked that they put that in there 🙂 Fitz and Lance are a huge brotp of mine now. Mike is amazing. Bobbi is kickass. Bobbi and Mack are best buds and they are amazing. Ward and Kara are cuties. (Dark past cuties, but still) Cal is crazy but he tries to be nice. Jiaying is.. interesting. Lincoln is p cool.



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