☆AoS 2×19: The Dirty Half Dozen☆

Simmons in The Dirty Half Dozen



First, I’m going to talk about Simmons. In this episode, she did some pretty crazy stuff, like trying to kill Ward. I love how Fitz and Simmons were talking again, and it seemed like they were messing around. And then Fitz said something along the lines of Simmons being serious about wanting to kill Ward, and she was. I can’t believe she did that. Luckily, Ward didn’t die. But, sadly, Bakshi did. Obviously Simmons is scared about Ward being back, and arming herself would be one thing… But actually trying to kill Ward… That’s going too far.

Skye, Simmons, Ward and Bakshi



The team was back together in the episode, which was great! It was amazing how Ward was trying to talk about the plan, and he was unnerved by all the death-stares. When Fitz said they used to be a family, and Ward broke that, and then Ward said that’s what he regretted the most… 💔 Sometimes I just want s1 back again 😰 It was nice that the original six got back together, I really loved it. This was a great episode 🙂

Lance Hunter and Mack



I may or may not have slightly shipped a few new ships during this episode… It seems that whenever two people are alone in a room, I can’t help but ship them a bit. Lance and Mack being one… Although huntingbird is my fave. Bobbi and Kara.. I shipped that for like two minutes.. But they were an awesome two minutes! I hated how Ward thought he wasn’t good enough for Kara… Poor Ward. I know some fans are having a hard time forgiving Ward, but I’m not. Ward is p cool.




Maria was in this episode– nice. I loved the AoU tie-ins! Made me even more excited to see AoU! Only two more weeks of AoS left though ;-;

Also~ Poor Lincoln and Mike. I loved how Skye saved Lincoln. I’m really liking Mike a lot now. Raina is cool, I like her. She has awesome powers.

I’m seeing AoU in a few hours!! I’m so excited! AHHHH! I’ll try to post a review of it (spoilers included) late Friday. Here’s to hoping I don’t start bawling in the theater!



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