☆AoS 3×01: Laws of Nature☆

Yo! i’m back after like a 4 month hiatus so… yeah. i haven’t really had much to post about over the summer, but now that AoS has started back up, i’ll probably at least post about that. so, let’s get down to this episode!



First of all– Skye’s going by Daisy now! It seems to be a bit of a debate in the fandom. Some people prefer to call her Skye, while other’s accept Daisy. Coulson himself expressed how hard it was to get used to the change. However, I do think that she should be called Daisy if that’s what she wishes to be called. So that’s where I stand on that. Anyway, I am LOVING Daisy’s new haircut! It’s super cute on her!! Plus, she was helping Joey out in this episode– Joey is the new Inhuman they are “watching over” right now– and it’s great to see how much she cares about helping the other Inhumans. Sure, at the beginning of the episode things were a little rocky with Joey, and trying to convince him that what they are doing is right– but by the end it seems Daisy and Joey are on their way to a tentative friendship.



Now, let’s talk about Lincoln, Lash, and Rosalind. First of all, Lincoln is amazing. and i ship him with Daisy but that’s not the point (i also accidentally put Skye there and then changed it. it might take a little getting used to). Let me just say that. I loved how he stood up to Mack. It is a bit strange though, how he just wants to live a “normal” life now. Previously, he was a huge advocate for the Inhumans, so it’s a pretty startling change. I’m hoping we will see some of the reasoning behind his choice later in the season. Now, we only caught a glimpse of Lash this episode– but dang, he’s weird. Not quite creepy, but still. He’s strange. We don’t really know much about him yet, but hopefully that will be explained later. Why is Rosalind grouped in this section? you may ask. Well, that’s because I saw on a blog (agents-of-frickle-frackle.tumblr.com) something about how Lincoln and Rosalind have the same last name. I don’t really have feeling one way or another towards her yet. I mean she’s obviously in an origination opposing SHIELD– but who knows.



Next– Bobbi my wife(and also Hunter). There wasn’t a ton of these two in this episode so this’ll be short. But Bobbi is my fave okay. And Hunter not talking to Bobbi at the start made me angsty af. But then he wanted to marry her 😭❤️ so yeah. But Bobbi not being able to do stuff and feeling bad about it kind of killed me a little bit. And Bobbi wearing Simmons’s lab glasses was bomb and also sad. And Bobbi and Fitz best buds ftw!!



TWO WORDS. FITZ. SIMMONS. Okay so Fitz was being a BAMF and slaying those bad guys w that flash grenade things like CHILD. Plus fetus!fitz with his cute face and adorable hair has grown into BADASS EMOTIONAL MAN FITZ WHO IS HELLA HOT. 😍😍😍 But when Coulson was telling Fitz to let go and stuff and Fitz was getting teary eyed– i may have gotten close to tears. And then that pounding on the rock. Oh my god emotions. And at the end we see Simmons in an alternate universe and IS SIMMONS OKAY? it’s been a few months that she’s been in there right, and she’s running from something and !!!!! I just want her to be okay! It seems that Fitzsimmons always run into more trouble.

Alright– so Coulson was missing a hand and being kind of whiny about it. May was gone but will be returning in tonights episode, along with that Asgardian guy from a previous episode. Well, I’m pumped for tonight, and hopefully I’ll post my review a bit sooner this time!


One thought on “☆AoS 3×01: Laws of Nature☆

  1. I’m having a hard time going by Daisy. I feel like she’s always be Skye to me, even if I do call her by Daisy eventually. But yes, her hair is super cute!
    And Fitzsimmons….giving me all the feels! I love them so much!

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