☆AoS 3×02: Purpose in the Machine☆

hello guys! again, i’m late to the party. ughhhh i don’t know why i always put off posting. anyway! let’s talk about the episode.






First, let’s talk about May. So in this episode, we saw May living a normal life– playing tennis, with her dad. And I have to say, it was quite unnerving and not at all like the may we’ve come to know and love. So yeah… that was pretty weird. May was trying to live a normal life, but she still carried a gun and was always on the lookout. Hunter was on a mission to kill Ward, and he wanted May’s help. When he came to May’s house, her first reaction was to attack him. And after that, he tried to convince her to join him. She said she wouldn’t. He kept persuading, but it still seemed like she wouldn’t join. Then, at the end of the episode we see her readying her battle gear, with Hunter– so it looks like Ward is going down.






Speaking of Ward– In this episode, I have to say that I hated him in this episode. In this episode, he recruited Baron Von Strucker(a deceased HYDRA leader)’s son to help him and the new HYDRA. Now, that wouldn’t be so bad, expect for the way he did it. He had his second-in-command or whoever(the other guy in the picture) torture Alexander. Now, Alexander fought back and is joining HYDRA and all is “well”. But still. I hate Ward. Towards the end of the episode Alexander is meeting Andrew– which is worrisome, meaning he may try to kill Andrew or at the very least, learn some more about Coulson’s team.





There’s really not a whole lot to say about Bobbi in this episode… However, I feel I should always make a section dedicated to my favorite agent. There was some huntingbird/lancebob stuff in the episode, including a kiss(squee!) and we also got to see Big Sis Bobbi, helping comfort Fitz and and Daisy. I really enjoy the friendship between Bobbi and Fitz, especially since they’re also my two favorite characters. 💕





FITZSIMMONS WAS STRONG IN THIS EPISODE. So Fitz figured out a way to get Simmons back, which involved him going to the alien planet with a string tied around him while Daisy held the portal open with her powers. It was such an intense scene, and it seemed almost like they weren’t going to make it out, at least not both of them. At the same time Fitzsimmons is struggling, Daisy is struggling to keep the portal open, Bobbi and Mack are struggling to hold the thing with the string attached to Fitz, and Coulson is also struggling while deciding how long to wait. It’s super duper intense. Luckily, Fitzsimmons makes it out okay, as you can see in the adorable gif above. And at the end of the episode, Jemma wakes up with a nightmare, holding a shank and ready to attack. She realizes it was just a dream and goes over to Fitz and rests her head on his knee. And it is adorable and also sad because POOR BABY JEMMA 💔 I mean, she’s been on the alien planet for like six months and she’s obviously affected and scarred.




(linc2 [didn’t work, sorry.] )


This coming episode shows Lincoln on the run. Which is sad, because Lincoln is my child and needs to be protected. The promo also showed what seemed to be an almost-kiss between Daisy and Lincoln. which is cool with me bc i totally ship them Anyway, I got a Twitter– which is giving me spoilers, aha. So yeah.. But it’s cool anyway to interact with more AoS fans.


Until Tuesday,



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