☆AoS 3×03: A Wanted (Inhu)Man☆

hello! guess who, again, is super late to this posting party? this girllll *points at self*

fitz and simmons holding hands

Fitzsimmons. But mostly Simmons. Okay so Elizabeth Hendstridge’s acting in the ep was to die for. I mean, it was hella. Like wow girl, slay. So Fitzsimmons was great too, Fitz holding Simmons’s hand and overall cuteness. And so Simmons was having a panic/ptsd attack with all the bright lights and noise… poor baby. And, obviously, I haven’t went through what she has. But I have started panicking before, and Liz did a great job of portraying that. At one point, Daisy comes to visit Simmons– it’s a cute scene, Daisy telling Simmons she can call her whatever she wants, and bringing her flowers. Then Fitz takes her out to eat– turns out he’s kept the reservation for all these months, and he’s even emptied out the restaurant so it won’t freak her out. It’s super sweet, and throughout their conversation you can see the obvious attachment they have to each other. Then she starts sobbing, and he’s there beside her and 💔 Ouch, my heart. And although I ship Fitzsimmons to the moon and back, I think that needs to be set aside for a moment, while we worry about Simmons’s well-being. At the end of the episode, she’s back in the lab that freaked her out earlier– Bobbi comes in and tells her there’s no way it’ll ever reopen, trying to soothe her. But Simmons jerks away, saying: “I have to go back.” So that’s pretty intense and we’re not quite sure what’s going on there. Hopefully more of it will be explored tonight and in the future.

may and hunter in a bar

May and Hunter went undercover to try to find Ward and stuff. At one point when Hunter was talking to another guy trying to get info, they put subtitles on screen– I actually liked that, because for some reason it takes a lot of effort for me to figure out what they are saying, but there was some drama about that on Twitter. And Hunter was fighting someone, and he got super bloodied and bruised up. It was pretty intense. May got hugged and acted super weird about it, which was hilarious. And she kicked butt so it was all good. I don’t really remember the end of what happened with them, but I think they were talking to some HYDRA people about Hunter meeting Ward.

Rosalind looking at Coulson

Rosalind and Coulson had a talk. I thought it was funny when Coulson was looking at her car and she said that her eyes were up there lol. But yeah it was okay, they were arguing about the mission going on with Daisy and Lincoln and Mack and stuff. I still don’t really like Rosalind. Anyway, at the end they decided they were going to work together, which sucks. I’d much rather the ATCU be SHIELD’s main enemy, rather than HYDRA. Of course, that may have to do with the hatred I have for Ward. But whatever.

Lincoln and Daisy, faces close.

So Lincoln in this episode was awesome. I mean, he’s always awesome but ya know. He was running away from the ATCU. Turns out SHIELD had stuck a tracker into him– he learned that when Daisy was calling him, trying to help him. He takes the tracker out– also taking off his shirt 😍 ANYWAY. So he gets the help of John, an old friend of his. And it turns out Lincoln is/was an alcoholic and suicidal. 💔 John is nice and lets Lincoln sleep, and is there for him. But then he sees Lincoln on the news, and gets out a metal bat to attack him. Lincoln zaps the bat, but then John has what appears to be a heart attack. Lincoln tries to zap him back to life, but it doesn’t work 😢. So Daisy comes to Lincoln and says she’ll help him as he helped her, and they kiss 💏. Tbh, I don’t think they should’ve kissed yet, I think they should’ve led up to it more and stuff. Anyway. So Lincoln says he’ll go with her, but then Mack and the ATCU and drama. In the end, Rosalind and Coulson make a deal, and the ATCU takes Lincoln. Aw.

Last but not least, my fave, Bobbi. She calls Hunter and talks to him when he’s on the mission and stuff. Near the end of the episode, she is seen overworking herself. She’s mad that she can’t go in the field, that she can’t go with Hunter or help him. So she works out, pushing herself past her limit because she knows she can do better. She punches a punching bag through the pain, and her facade breaks as she punches and punches and punches. But then she goes to talk to Simmons, facade back in place, and she’s sweet and caring and 💔💔💔

Tonight’s episode has Ginger Inhuman, so we’ll have to see where that goes.

Until then,


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