☆AoS 3×04: Devils You Know☆

yes, yes, i know. i’m late once again. anyway, i’m in a time-crunch, so let’s get to it!


Alicia was back in this episode! The trailer showed that she’d be pretty prominent, although she wasn’t in th ep as much as i’d expected. Anyway, she’s cool and I hope we get to see more of her. I was pretty sad that Lash killed her other Inhuman friends– all the Inhumans have it pretty dang hard right now, and hopefully Daisy’s team will help with that.

Simmons on alien planet

Simmons. In this episode we saw her struggling with PTSD, even though she was saying she was fine when talking with Andrew. We also saw some cute Fitzsimmons– B is for blue is for biological. That was adorable and cute and squee. Near the end of the ep she says she’ll need Fitz’s help to go back to the planet, and that she’ll tell him everything. The promo shows 3×05 being a primarily, if not entirely, Jemma-centric episode, which I’m hella excited for. Apparently there was also a clip released (that the above image is from) but I have not yet watched it, as I prefer the surprise of seeing it in the episode. Anyway, I’m totally pumped for tonight, y’all! this is gonna be great and heartbreaking!

Skye seeing Lash morph into a human

Lash is a butt. But also interesting af. So he killed the Inhuman couple at the start, boo. And later he attacks the truck with Mack, Daisy, and the ATCU. Daisy sees him walking away and the shadow turns into a human shape. So this is exciting!!! Some say Andrew might be Lash, but idk. Either way, it’s going to be cool to see his human self, and maybe we’ll even get to see the transformation in action in a later ep.

May and Hunter

Last, and most intense– Hunter and May. So they went to go chase down Ward, and things got pretty intense. So May was backup for Hunter and they started attacking Ward, and Ward had some HYDRA peeps to help him. Things were getting pretty intense, they were shooting at each other. Then Ward threatened May with Andrew– saying Andrew would die and showing live feed of Andrew at that moment. May was obviously shaken. Hunter, on the other hand, said it was just a trick, to get into May’s head. He continued attacking Ward– and Andrew died because of it. And, after all of that drama, Ward still got away– although he was hit by one of Hunter’s bullets. Hunter got pretty into it– def going to kill Ward either way. However, letting Andrew die was a bit too much– he’s obviously very intense on wanting Ward dead, but he needs to turn it down a notch. Andrew, though, may not be dead. I’ve seen people say he might not be, and even some saying he might be Lash.

anyway, i’m super pumped for our Simmons ep tonight!

catch u later,


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