☆AoS 3×06: Among Us Hide…☆

late again. whatever, it’s become like a routine now. plus, probably no one is reading this anyway, so why does it even matter?

Coulson looking at Rosalind

In this episode we found out that Rosalind is keeping Inhumans in a coma-like state, in these containers. We learn there are reasons for it– personal ones, but still. Coulson acts like he’s okay with it, and they get a little flirty and stuff. Yeah that’s pretty much all I’ve got to say about that tbh..


At the start of the episode, May seemingly attacks Bobbi. Bobbi says that she didn’t want Andrew to get killed, she didn’t mean for that to happen. Turns out, it was a test to see if Bobbi is field-ready, and May decides she is. Bobbi and Hunter talk a bit before she goes, and she asks Hunter if he’s going to “say the thing”, to which he replies that she already knows it. That kind of breaks my heart, as she obviously wanted him to say it then. She goes on the mission with May, and they are in a bank, doing work. bobbi looks great in glasses and bobbi and may talking in mandarin is my new aesthetic Something goes wrong, and as the gate closes, Bobbi obviously jumps– because of her PTSD. She tries to avoid fighting, but they have to fight. Later on, she has to really fight– she is shoved underwater, and she’s obviously struggling. When she gets out, she takes a huge breath, then kicks ass. She says how she knows she’ll beat the guy is thanks to “experience”– something which May had recently talked to her about. It was great to see Bobbi back in action, and see the visible effects/affects (lol i’m too lazy to figure out which is right) of the trauma she’s been through. I’m hoping, though, that they continue to show her PTSD. Sure, she kicked butt, but that doesn’t instantly make PTSD go away, and I’m really hoping that will continue to be addressed.


There was a huge reveal in this episode– first of all, Andrew isn’t dead– and, turns out, he’s Lash. That was pretty unexpected (although i had read a theory about it but still) and after that it’s pretty frightening– hopefully he won’t hurt anyone. May talks to a dying Alexander/Werner/whateverhisnameis about it, and when he explains, May is very shaken, especially for her. Yeah, so that was the biggest twist so far this season.

Lincoln on the phone with Daisy

Lincoln and Daisy talk briefly at the end of the episode cute as always   so yeah. Not much really happens with that, though. Hunter was pretty funny in this episode–being bored he tags along with Daisy and Mack, and ices a guy surprisingly. Yeah he’s kind of amazing.

So that’s that! Joey’s back in this episode, so yay! Hopefully Lash doesn’t kill him… This’ll probably be a tense episode, to say the least.

until next time aka next tuesday,


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