☆AoS 3×07: Chaos Theory☆

yes yes. i’m always gonna be late, aren’t i? anyway.


Joey talking to Andrew

Thank heavens– Joey survived this episode! I’d really like to be able to see more of him in the show. After all, he’s an LGBT+ character, which isn’t seen too often on Marvel movies and tv, if ever. There was speculation that he’d die in this episode, and it did seem fairly plausible. I was worried for him in this episode, but he made it out okay, thank god. And he seems to be getting a pretty good grip on his powers, so maybe we’ll see him more in future episodes.


May and Andrew

At the beginning of the episode, we got to see May and Andrew on a beach somewhere (Hawaii, maybe? I’m not sure.) Being super cute and adorable and happy. But, back to real time. So he tries to explain to her, she’s there because she’s worried about Joey. And it ends up that she’s chained to something, but still, they still love each other it seems, and she’s not about to kill him. However, during the ending battle with Lash, she shoots him. It doesn’t kill him, and it gets him into a cage, so she saves the day. Thing is, she didn’t know if it would kill him or not. I feel bad for May– she really deserves to be happy. On the other hand, I’m glad that she can put her personal feelings aside and focus on the danger. They decide to put Andrew in stasis.


Coulson and Rosalind kissing

So, Coulsalind happened in this episode. Ew. Anyway, it’s the morning after and they’re kissing. But then like Rosalind gets a call from the dude working with Ward– so it seems she’s related to HYDRA in some way or another. She did always seem kind of bad, but what with Coulson trusting her (and sleeping with her) there’s a high possibility he won’t notice. Yikes.



Yay for Lincoln. Fave. He attacked Lash when he wasn’t supposed to, but that was because he was angry that Lash was killing his Inhuman friends. I’m totally on Lincoln’s side, like, his friends are dying because of Lash so of course he wants to fight back. And it looks like he’ll be joining the team, which is awesome 🙂


Also in this episode was cute huntingbird–speculation that she’s pregnant, and god that’d be angsty, feely, and amazing. Also Daisy saving Rosalind’s life–Daisy ftw! Next episode–well, i won’t tell you guys the spoiler, but… aaaa.


till later,


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