✿Agent Carter 2×01 + 2×02: The Lady in the Lake + A View in the Dark✿


Agent Carter came back, with a wonderful two-hour, two-episode premiere! I loved it, Peggy kicks ass and it’s great to have her back <3333 I really missed the fact that Angie is gone, and was never even mentioned. Like, at the end of the last season, they were living together??? and now Angie is but a distant memory??? like what!!!??? (well, i’m a bit biased, i LOVE angie and cartinelli but sTILL). Jarvis is funny as ever, and we got to meet some awesome new characters who were really intriguing.


Ana Jarvis

We got to meet Ana Jarvis, who is super cool!!! she’s hilarious and amazing!!! she’s really nice to Peggy, and doesn’t mind Jarvis and Peggy being so close, which is refreshingly nice! I hope we get to see more of her, bc she’s totally amazing!!!!!!!


Jason Wilkes

Jason Wilkes was super awesome. The relationship he had with Peggy, although short-lived, was adorable. He was sweet and nice and flirty and :3 Sadly, he died. Although, Whitney came back after that, so maybe he will too? But even if he does, he’ll probably be consumed by the monster-void stuff, so. :c



Dottie is insanely awesome. She wasn’t in it a whole lot, but she’s a very intriguing character, and she has a pretty obvious thing for Peggy so I’m shipping that now… What with Angie gone, I need another PeggyxGirl ship. bc bisexual peggy carter ftw!!


Whitney Frost

Whitney Frost. (And her husband, idk his name oops) Anyway, they’re bad guys(i guess), but now things are even crazier bc Whitney has been consumed by the black-hole-esc void stuff. well, that’ll be an interesting storyline!


i’m pumped for tonight’s episode!!


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