✿Agent Carter 2×03: Better Angels✿

Peggy from the episode, side view


Agent Carter is awesome, you guys! Expect this post to be short and sweet– because (like always) it’s a week late, and I (sadly) forgot a lot of what happened. BUT I may glance at other reviews for a little idea. Also, only one pic this post bc i’m FAR too lazy to find good pics/gifs and link accordingly, tbh. sorrs.


First of all– Jason Wilkes is back!!! Yayyyyy!!!! yay!!1 BUT BUT BUT he’s only part there– he can be seen, but not touched– Howard is able to get him this far, and they plan to fix him eventually. But yay, he’s back!! I so wasn’t ready for him to be gone so soon, and him and Peggy have awesome chemistry, like dang. 


Howard was in this episode, being his playboy Tony-esc self, but he’s pretty entertaining, and I loved how Peggy was all like “Howard’s a good boy!” that part was amazing. And it was funny how Peggy was all “a movie based off a comic book sounds stupid” but that’s where she first appeared (aside from comics themselves, i mean) and that’s basically what her show is now. (except, you know, it’s a show)


Whitney Frost is evil as always, she’s not a good person, and I don’t quite like her… but she’s interesting, like how she cried to get her husband to do stuff for her, even when he obviously didn’t want to. Now, I’m always on Peggy’s side– I don’t want Whitney to win– but if we get some more insight into her actions, now, that wouldn’t be half-bad.


There was a hint of a weird-something with Jack Thompson… a maybe HYDRA bound sort of weird-something. Which, okay, I’m not a fan of Jack, but I’d still like him to NOT be HYDRA. Like, there was a moment (when you say to yourself, ‘oh there you are, i’ve been looking for you forever’) in s1, where he had PTSD and like I think he has some redeeming qualities, even if they’re buried in all the bad ones.


So, that’s that! Here’s to hoping I don’t wait so long to review this coming ep.


Let’s also hope I can restrain from making any more Glee references on this blog. I mean, god, Victoria, get a hold of yourself.


Anyway, let’s have fun watching AC tonight!!



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