✿Agent Carter 2×05: The Atomic Job✿

laaaaaaaaaate, that’s meeeeeee


Peggy in disguise

Peggy!! In this episode, she was pretty funny, she kept memory wiping a guy she had met previously. See, she had met him a while back, he had asked “What’s your name, darling?” to which she had replied, “Agent.” Anyway, she doubts he’ll remember her, but has the memory wiping thing just in case– but it’s risky, and can have side effects. It seems he doesn’t remember her– he flirts with her, to which she goes along with, and it’s going fine. Then he remembers, “Agent.” And so goes to find her, she wipes his memory. This repeats a few times. At the end of the episode, she is impaled (Whitney/Agnes drops her off a ledge) but she ends up alright, but still weak. At the end, Jason goes to see her while she’s resting, but then he fades away. *gasp*


Sousa and Violet

Sousa proposes to Violet… awwww ❤ But then it’s clear he and Peggy have something going on, and Violet notices it. I do ship Peggy / Sousa. But then again, I also ship Peggy / Jason. I mean, most of all I ship Peggy / Angie, but it seems that isn’t gonna happen what with Angie being AWOL. And I do also ship Peggy / Dottie. Multi shipping for the win, amirate?


The team

Yay for team shots! the team is awesome– Rose kicks ass. Sousa is worried she’ll get hurt, but she proves him wrong by attacking a guy easy as pie. She is also good at helping Dr. Samberly stay focused, by encouraging and flirting with him. Yay Rose! Jarvis ends up having to retrieve the bombs, which he totally is freaked out about, but manages to get through it with Sousa’s help.


Well, we’ve got a 2 hour ep tonight, yay!


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