✿Agent Carter 2×06 + 2×07: Life of the Party + Monsters✿

These episodes were really intense! And awesome, as always! This won’t be in order things happened, just my thoughts sputtering out.


Jarvis and Peggy in waiting room

First of all, Ana was shot! :O It was super sad 😦 She’d just been bonding with Jason, and when she found out that he was missing, she ran outside to look for him. Then she was shot. I shipped Ana/Edwin so damn much in these episodes, omg. He was so scared the whole way to her, and when they got to her he was freaking out. Later he’s in the hospital with Peggy, and he’s just an absolute mess :c I really hope she’s okay, for her sake and Jarvis’s.


Jason and Ana

Jason cured himself, and all was going well– although I don’t think he was cured forever, but definitely good for then. He kissed Peggy as soon as he could, which was absolute cuteness. He had a nice dinner with Ana, and I totally ship them platonically. Whitney/Agnes came to kidnap him, and their dialogue was pretty amusing, although I’m not quite sure why. Jason is just so normal, where as Peggy and Sousa and stuff are more professional and used to field work, at least. Whereas Jason is more ??? and I like that. I hope he gets rescued!!


Dottie and Jarvis undercover

Peggy had to have Dottie help her in this episode. Dottie was so hilarious. Literally everything she says is funny. She’s so awesome omg. And I totally ship her with Peggy, like kill me now. This episode would have been nothing without her.


Jarvis is hilarious, when he and Dottie were undercover, and he had to talk to Thompson and stuff was great. And when he was saying ‘abort’ into his glasses– best ever.


Sousa leaning towards Peggy

Peggy and Sousa had a bit of a thing… He told her about the fact that Violet had broke off the engagement, and they almost kissed. Jarvis was teasing Peggy about it later (he’d been listening in though the glasses) and she confessed that they were both great guys, and she didn’t know what to do. Jarvis and Peggy are the best friendship ever tbh.


Well, those were my thoughts that I could remember from those eps. Double episode tonight, too!


Enjoy it!


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