☆AoS 3×10: Bouncing Back☆

yay late AoS post!!


Elena / YoYo

First off, in this episode we got to meet Elena/YoYo. aka an amazing new character, and a woc!!! Her power resembles the Flash’s power– basically she can run really fast. However, it’s a little different; she always has to bounce back to the same static spot. Anyway, the fandom loves her, and Natalia Cordova (the actress who plays her) is super nice (you can find her on twitter @YOSOYCORDOVA). So Mack/Elena is an emerging ship, with a variety of fun ship names, including: mackelena (think macerena or however the dance is spelled), yoyomack, and more. I’ve even changed my twitter handle to reflect how I feel about her (and that I may ship her with a certain someone. (You can find me @yoyoquake)



Bobbi and Hunter were great in this episode! They had a great dialogue in which they admitted to trying the fish oil pills, in the hope they’d become an inhuman, to which Mack basically rolls his eyes at, saying “You two deserve each other.” They get captured, and it gets into the whole “tell us what we want to know or we’ll kill the other” situation, but they get out okay.


Lincoln looking @ Daisy

Elena decides to join the team, but on the condition she can still be at home, and be called in if needed or work from there. Joey also takes advantage of this, and chooses to go home at least for a bit. Daisy asks Lincoln if he’s thinking of leaving too, but he tells her he’s staying, and they kiss. Aw. We also learn Coulson will have to work with Talbot, so that’ll be an adventure. We also see a little of Hive this ep — he’s pretty darn creepy.


Enjoy tonight’s ep!


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