✿Agent Carter 2×10: Hollywood Ending✿

way late, but here’s a quick review of the season finale of Agent Carter. Overall, it was kind of disappointing, imo. Probably because we’ve had 2 hr normal weeks, with more suspense, and more time. More time to get into it, and stuff, yanno? and this was shorter, and less exciting, i guess. kudos to this review for helping me remember the episode.


Jason Wilkes

First off, Jason is alive!! yayyyyyyy!! And at the end of the episode, we find he is planning to work with/for Howard Stark, so hopefully he’ll be happy 🙂 He’s a cool character.



We find out, that Manfredi is actually friends with Howard. It seems he’s attacking, but suddenly he’s best buds with Howard.. a relief, but a bit confusing. Anyway, Howard is pretty funny in the episode — not always funny in a nice way; funny in a very Howard Stark way, if u know what I mean.


Peggy and Sousa kissing gif

The end is a little more intense… they need to close the ‘rift’ and to do so they’ll have to go into a dangerous area close to the ‘rift’, risking their lives. They discuss who should risk their life, and turn around and realize Sousa is doing it. Everyone struggles pulling him out, which includes Howard making jokes about ‘thinking unsavory thoughts’ about Peggy. Funny, but somewhat rude. See what I mean about Howard Stark humor? Peggy starts getting ready to back to NY. Jarvis asks her why, why wouldn’t she rather stay? For reasons (see: Sousa). Peggy says she’s got everything back in NY– her job, her roommate (cue me melting bc peggyangie y’all. just a mention of my angel gets me HYPED), etc. Anyway, Peggy decides she’ll go ahead and stay. She goes to Sousa, and they start making out. Well, not right away, it starts with a simple kiss. Now, Sousa/Peggy is great and all, but I ship Cartinelli too much for me to really enjoy it. Sadly, at the end, Thompson is shot and killed. Now, I know he’s kind of a douche, but still. Ugh 😦


Let’s hope Agent Carter and Peggy get renewed for another wonderful season!



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