☆AoS 3×11: The Inside Man☆

late but still greatttt :-/


Coulson and Talbot heading to the UN meeting

Coulson and Talbot went on a mission to figure out who was the inside man at a UN meeting. Coulson/Talbot is totally a crack ship, but totally believable. After some drama, and Talbot making guesses on who it was, the meeting started. It seemed like Coulson was doing okay, but then Talbot turns and starts attacking Coulson’s ideas, and making Coulson seem like a bad guy. Things go south, and Coulson realizes Talbot is the inside man. Turns out, though, Talbot’s only working for Gideon Malick because Gideon has his son hostage. Coulson and Talbot end up locked in a cell, but then Creel rescues them — making Coulson realize that Talbot trusting Creel wasn’t so misguided.



Hive dripping with honey-looking goop

Hive was so fking creepy in this episode omg. Or like in any episode tbh. Ew ew ew. Like, at one point in the episode, he consumes like 5 people, and ends up covered in a honey-like glaze. Seriously, he makes me nauseous. It did turn out that he’s getting a more healed, less corpse-y body, so that’s a plus.



Gif of Lincoln and Daisy making out

Lincoln / Daisy in this ep tho?? Hot as hell but somewhat problematic. They’re sparring at one point, and Daisy ends up on top of him, They’re totally, all pumped, ya know. But then Jemma comes in, she needs Lincoln for something, ruining them moment. Daisy and Lincoln get into a bit of a fight, but make up. As they make up, Lincoln says something about how he doesn’t feel in control of his powers, not like Daisy is, anyway. Daisy responds with something along the lines of ” Sometimes it’s good not to be in control. ” and takes off her shirt. Now, yeah, I ship them. And, yeah, it was kind of hot. However, I’m not quite sure it was the best thing for the moment. Not that Lincoln didn’t want sex, because there was obvious sexual tension in the episode. However, with the way he’d been feeling, maybe watching a movie with his head in Daisy’s lap while she ran her fingers through his hair, would’ve been a better idea. Or at least Daisy should’ve asked him if that’s what he wanted before just taking her shirt off. But that’s just my opinion.





Bobbi/Hunter. I’m dying. The two of them are with May at a point, and turns out Hunter snuck their weapons in. He opens a tray to reveal weapons, including Bobbi’s batons. To which she replies, “I love you.” May adds, “I don’t hate you quite as much” (or something like that) It’s a hilarious moment, really. But the way Bobbi says it so surely, kills me. Like, it’s a random moment, not one that particularly calls for a declaration of love, but she throws it in casually and meaningfully and aGH. Tonight’s episode is supposed to be Bobbi/Hunter centric, but also a tear-jerker, so… YIKES FAM.


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