☆AoS 3×14: Watchdogs☆

Mack and Ruben



In this episode, we got to meet Mack’s brother, Ruben. And we got to see more of back through that, and in their relationship with each other. Ruben was p cool, a little hot-tempered, maybe. Mack had been lying to Ruben, telling him that he worked for an insurance company. However, Ruben found out the truth. He went to join the Watchdogs, and Mack and his team stopped him and protected him. Mack did get shot in the process, but luckily he’ll be okay. Daisy learned that Ruben calls Mack “Alfie”, which is lol. (“Alfie” being based of off Mack’s first name, Alphonso)




Daisy, with Fitz in the foreground



Fitz got into some not so chill stuff this ep… there was literally a bomb attached to his neck. He and Daisy worked to get it off, and eventually succeeded by freezing it. Speaking of Daisy, she was.. eh. This episode, she was more passionate,, too passionate. She was willing to hurt people to get information. I can kind of see her motivation, but still. I’m not happy with how far she’s willing to go,




<img src=


We also saw a Jemma/May partnership, in trying to find Andrew. Jemma said, in an emotional scene, that she couldn’t stop feeling guilty for the Inhumans that Andrew had killed. May and her decide to team up and find him, and Jemma helps May figure out the right way to track him. She asks May what she will do when she finds Andrew, and May says she’ll kill him. Jemma is shocked, and says that maybe there’s a way, a cure. May tells Jemma not to do that, not to give her hope. Overall, pretty sad bro.


tonight’s episode will have us on the edge of our seats!


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