☆AoS 3×15: Spacetime☆

late, but this episode was amazing. honestly, i was getting a little done with aos… what with bobbi and hunter leaving and all, it just felt more meh. and i’ve been looking forward to the real o’neals more than aos lately. and i used to LOVE aos. however, this ep brought back tons of love. i just <3333 it was a v special ep for me, it brought back my love for it all ❤️

fitzsimmons holding hands <3

First off, let’s talk about how much FITZSIMMONS was in this episode!!! I mean omg, i’d been growing a bit tired of their relationship honestly.. even the kiss didn’t bring the spark back for me. but this, this!!! it brought back all that old love for fitzsimmons and i’m so happy it did. in daisy’s vision, she saw fitz and simmons holding hands in the snow. the whole point of the episode was to avoid to whole future vision, but it ended up coming true. anyway, when it comes down to it, it’s not snow– it’s ash. and simmons is like “i think we’re supposed to hold hands now” and so they do, and it’s the cutest thing ever, kill me now. also. coulson called them “fitzsimmons” for the first time in a LONG while. geez. i’ve been rejuvenated.


Secondly, MELINDA MAY >> this ep brought back all my love for her as well!! and i’m so happy it did, seriously, this episode was a blessing. so the team is trying to plan in for the future and so may is trying to act out what’s gonna happen. and so she ends up saying “bang” when “shooting” people, and the people then fall to the ground. and just. the whole scene. such perfection, literally one of my fave scenes from aos ever. EVER. melinda also ran into andrew– he was saying goodbye as lash was about to take over for good. they had a sad, touching, scene. but, honestly, idgaf about andrew anymore. still, i was sad for melinda. he ended up lashing out ,  but who knows if it’s forever. we’ll see.



gif of the team

Thirdly, the team dynamics in this episode were a++. The whole “bang” and fake dying scene I mentioned about was so funny and captured the characters so well. And it’s like the original six again– but Lincoln in place of Ward, which I am so down for. So much. I just really loved the originals again, and asdfghjkl; yes. The team ends up seeing Hive/Ward and they kind of 😮😯😦😧.


next episode, tonights. it’ll be hive and his true form (ew) it might include WILL DANIELS MY SON, or at least a mention to him. daisy/lincoln will go through some not-so-great stuff ( noo ), and there’ll be a lot of malick ( can we not, tho? ) still, i’m pumped y’all!


till later,


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