☆AoS 3×16: Paradise Lost☆

late, and this’ll be short 🙂 yayyyyyyyyy :-/


One of the reasons this post will be short is because it was very focused on Gideon Malick, who I hate. So.



HiveWard and Stephanie Malick

Gideon’s daughter, Stephanie, was in the episode. And she got horrible treatment. She, like her father, was interested in HYDRA. She was basically falling in love with HiveWard. Anyway, so Gideon saw a flash of his death, which was exciting. At one point, it seems Gideon will finally die– but, no Hive kills Stephanie instead. Which is really dumb. Why would they introduce her just to have her killed? Well, for Gideon’s mainpain, of course. Sighs. AoS has a track record of killing of females: Izzy, Jiaying, Kara, Raina, Victoria, Rosalind, and now Stephanie. The annoying thing is that many of them were PoC, and all killed in the same finale. Yay AoS, getting rid of ladies and PoC, all at once! I love this show! Ugh. I’m just hoping they don’t kill Joey or Elena: Elena is another WoC, and Joey is a PoC and the first lgbt+ MCU character (as far as I know, anyway).


Lincoln, Daisy in background

Daisy and Lincoln went on a mission, where they tried to get info from some guy Lincoln used to know. Basically, Daisy and Lincoln were being p cute, babes. Also, we learned a bit more about Lincoln’s past: he was an alcoholic and almost killed his girlfriend :O He promises Daisy that he’ll never hurt her, though. I love Lincoln. Some people have been comparing him to Ward: the whole promising Daisy they wouldn’t hurt her, but being toxic. I think Lincoln really has changed though.


The team got kidnapped, so that’s yikesy. Tonight will be… well, we’ll see!



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