☆AoS 3×17: The Team☆

late and damn, this episode was intense.


Daisy shaking the base

The episode started with the Inhumans kicking butt together, but things soon went south. Coulson found out from Malick that Hive was mind controlling one of the Inhumans. Everyone on the base started to get suspicious of the Inhumans, and when they found out, they all got angry at each other, pointing fingers. It was pretty intense. At one point, they figure out that Lincoln is the one: with proof being items he had in his bag. Lincoln is adamant that it’s not him, and gets very angry. All the Inhumans are put into solitary quarantine for the time being, until they can be sure which of them are clear. Then, Daisy comes to Lincoln’s cage, asking him to run away with her. It’s found out that she is the one who Hive’s been mind controlling, she planted the evidence against Lincoln, and she’s the one who killed Malick. Lincoln yells at her, “Do I really mean that little to you?” and ouch go the DaisyLincoln shippers. OUCH. Anyway, she leaves and starts shaking the base : the rest of the team stirs, and Coulson tries to chase her, but, alas, she’s made it so he’s trapped. Cue end of episode.



Though the episode was quite intense, it wasn’t all bad: Fitzsimmons became canon!! The scene (as shown above) was super adorable, what with Fitz making dorky jokes, Jemma smiling so much, and kISSING. it was just pure amazing, there are no other words. just go and watch it for yourself : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAH6ZS6PDR8



Elena and Joey

Joey and Elena are my children. I love love love how they speak Spanish a lot, and how the rest of the team is having to learn how to. At the beginning of the episode Joey was in a car, talking to a guy. I remember thinking something along the lines of “oh, I’ll head canon that as his boyfriend, like it’s a date” but then I remembered: Joey is canonically gay, and it was a date. That made me really happy, and basically AoS had better not kill off the one canon gay character. He has to leave his date behind, sadly. He and Elena chat and are adorable. But there are also sad Mackelena feels: it starts out good, they’re learning each other’s languages and it’s adorable. But later when SHIELD is surrounding all the Inhumans, she looks at Mack in shock, who says “Yoyo…” but she says “My name is Elena,” and is cold and that’s it. AHHHHHH. and side note: lincoln/joey in this ep… i’m trash ok.


The trailer for the following episodes shows that someone is gonna die (aka me) so :OOOO



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