☺︎☻Top Ten: Lines from AoU (clips, TV spots, and trailers)☻☺︎

Hey! Another Top Ten post, this time about lines said in AoU. What can I say? I’m way too excited for this movie. 😉

10. “I tried to create a suit of armor around the world… but I created something terrible.”

Tony was just trying to help the world… Not destroy it. But that might be what happens. He’s getting all the blame, but— he wasn’t trying to do anything wrong.

9. “You had to ask…”

Thor and Steve banter = coolness.

8. “I’m always picking up after you boys.”

Natasha, queen of sass. Also she picks up the shield, and throws it to Cap, so.. The two of them working together is pretty cool.

7. “Well, you amazingly failed!”

True that, Natasha, true that. Also Steve’s snicker after that is golden. Although, I saw an expanded clip of that, and it doesn’t flow that way, but still.

6. “Only when I’ve created a murder-bot!”

Yeah, as I’ve mentioned before, Bruce saying this and shrugging a bit later in the clip is really adorkable.

5. “I just slipped.”

Steve sounds so weird and goofy when saying this line,,, it’s great.

4. “Oh, we will.”

We get to hear Wanda’s awesome accent 😍

3. “You didn’t see that coming?”


2. “We have no place in the world.”

Natasha’s past, bruh. Feels.

1. “If you step out that door, you are an avenger.”

An awesome line, and after he says it, we see Wanda stepping out a door, so… That’s a good sign. Also it’s just such an important line, and I’m happy that Clint gets an important role in this movie.



☺︎☻Top Ten: AoU moments (from trailers, TV spots, and clips)☻☺︎

Hey! I’ve been super excited about AoU lately! We already got tickets, and we’re going to the double feature! Anyway, in anticipation of AoU, I made a new post category- Top Ten. So, I post my top ten of something, and I have 50 words or less to explain why I chose that.

In this post, I’ll be saying my top ten moments from AoU clips, trailers and TV spots!


10. Maria

I’m so excited that Maria is going to be in this movie. I wish we would get to learn more about her, but I doubt that will happen, at least not in this movie. Either way, I’m glad she’s in this movie!

9. Steve ripping a log in half with his bare hands

This was actually from a leaked clip, I think. It shows how strong Steve is, and it’s pretty badass. So yeah, this was just pretty dang awesome.

8. Team jumping

The team re-assembles! It’s nice to see them being teammates, especially since we know that in this movie Ultron and the twins tear the team apart.

7. Steve and Nat being bros

Basically when he drops his shield, and she throws it back to him. And then when he throws her the shield so she can use it to attack an Ultron. Steve and Natasha are probably my brotp, and it’s cool to see them being awesome and working together.

6. Clint speaks

Clint actually gets to be himself, sans mind control. (Well, Wanda might mess with his brain part of the time, but..) Sadly, him having a wife, along with Brucetasha, rips apart my otp. 🙂 But I’m glad he gets a bigger part— he deserves it.

5. “I just slipped.”

Steve is just so sassy when saying this. Tbh, to me he sounds kind of ooc, but it’s still funny that Steve is saying that after throwing a motorcycle. So yeah, it’s pretty cool.

4. Bruce’s shrug + “murder bot”

Bruce referring to Ultron as “murder bot” was pretty funny. This scene was tense, so it’s not like it was the best scene, but. Also when Tony says they weren’t close to making a murder bot, where they? And Bruce does that adorable shrug, saying yeah, we were.

3. Pietro and Wanda’s accents

ACCENTS. 😍 slAy ME PIETRO. That accent was the greatest. I really shouldn’t be falling in love with a character from only seeing trailers, but *shrugs*. Wanda’s accent is great too. As if I wasn’t already in love with almost every Marvel character, now I’m in love with even more.

2. Domestic!Avengers

Def one of my fave AoU parts. The lifting Mjolnir scene, before being so rudely interrupted by Ultrons, is my fave. It’s like fan fiction came to life. It was great to see them just chilling. I hope we’ll have even more of that in the movie.

1. Natasha’s past

I definitely think Nat deserves her own movie. But, if they won’t give her that, it’s good that they at least show us some of her past. She is one of my all-time faves, and I really want to know more about her, and her past. I’m so excited!


So, those are my top ten moments from what I’ve seen so far of AoU. What are yours? Tell me in the comments 🙂 Until next time,