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☆AoS 2×10: What They Become☆

Sorry, I’m a little late :-/

Anyway, the *cries* winter finale of Agents of SHIELD was Tuesday, and… ugh. Okay, let’s get started. First of all, let’s talk about Skye meeting her father. Her father seems kind of crazy, but he’s not too bad. Or at least, that’s what I think. The reunion was pretty emotional, and intense. Well, Skye’s dad goes to kill Whitehall, but before he can, Coulson shoots Whitehall in the chest, killing him. Cal(Skye’s dad), is very upset, and starts fighting Coulson. Okay, I’m so happy that Fitzsimmons is getting friendlier towards each other, but when they split up underground, I was afraid something would happen to Fitz. And I’m super glad Mac is okay, though. But Bobbi is keeping something from Lance, I wonder what… When they kissed to hide their faces…GAH I SHIP THEM SO HARD. And, Daisy. So, apparently Skye is Daisy Johnson, aka Quake. Now, I haven’t read the comics, so I don’t know a lot about that, but it’s pretty interesting. And is Raina a weird creature??? idk

BUT NO TRIPLETT NOOOOOO he was such a good person. He went down there, and endangered himself, to save Skye. He ran in with Skye and Raina, knowing it was unsafe, because he cared about Skye so much. He was such a good friend to Jemma, too. He was so good, damn it. This is Marvel we’re talking about, so there is a slight chance he’ll come back, but I doubt it. How could he recover from that? Over all, the episode ended happier than I expected. I expected them to all be almost dead, but then my BFF reminded me that everything was crumbling onto of them. Hopefully Skye can use her newfound powers and get them out. Also, Skye shot Ward, which I thought was a bit extreme. I like Ward, and I think he’ll be okay. When he was helping agent 33, some people were shipping them so… yeah. I kind of ship Ward and Agent 33 now. oops. Also, on tumblr people are trying to start a #triplives movement. Sadly, I don’t have a tumblr, so I can’t help, but if anyone reading this does, then check it out.

Well, I gotta go, but I’ll talk to you guys about Agent Carter, and random MCU stuff inbetween.