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✰Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer #3✰

Hey hey hey! I’m going to post about the new AoU trailer! So many feels! Here’s a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAUoeqvedMo so you can go watch it if you haven’t already! I’ll be commenting about different parts, and putting approximately the time they happened, so you can watch those parts to see what I’m talking about. Here we go!

0:08- Some sad/dramatic sounding music

0:13- Scarlet Witch looks so pretty!

0:19- That sculpture looks way cool. I really really like it.

0:21- a blonde woman looks at what’s happening, which reminds me of the blonde waitress from the Avengers.

0:28- Ultron says he will take hope from people. We can see him breaking free.

0:30- lots of destruction. It seems this will be a darker movie.

0:37- destruction again.

0:40- Here we see a shiny upgraded Stark Tower, now Avengers Tower. (We already saw that it would become Avengers Tower in CA:TWS when people are getting targeted.)

0:48- Glasses!Bruce

0:52- Science Bros! Who is on Tony’s shirt? A singer or something?

0:57- poor Steve. If he failed to save those people, I’m sure he’ll blame himself for it later.

1:01- Brucetasha? Hopefully not. I ship Clintasha, but even if Clintasha doesn’t work out, I prefer WinterWidow/Buckynat or Romanogers to Brucetasha. nerdyhawk from Thoughts from A Marvel Nerd (https://ihearthawkeye.wordpress.com/) said that it was most likely Scarlet Witch using her powers to make visions. (See: https://ihearthawkeye.wordpress.com/2015/03/04/the-new-age-of-ultron-trailer-is-so-awesome-a-breakdown/)

1:05- One of my favorite parts of this trailer. This movie definitely seems dark, but it looks like they’ll throw in a pinch of humor, which is nice.

1:09- Badass group shot. Another of my favorite parts.

1:17- Another group shot, minus Clint/Hawkeye.

1:21- Face off. Tony, Thor and Steve vs Ultron, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver.

1:25- This part looks so pretty! The quality, the colors, everything! I like how Steve, Bruce and Tony are positioned, too.

1:26- Steve is pretty, too. I mean that in terms of me liking his face, but also the way it’s set up and the quality and the new suit.

1:32- Sassy Natty. Helping Cap, cool.

1:37- Some Hulk vs Hulkbuster action.

1:39- Natasha is being controlled by Scarlet Witch– yikes!

1:46- Thorrrrr

1:50- lol

1:52- Reminds me of Bobbi Morse from AoS..

1:55- Battle buddies

2:03- First look at Ultron. Cooool.

Another stunning trailer! May seems like an eternity from now. I’m really excited for this movie, but I’m also scared of how it will play out. Fingers crossed that no Avenger dies. (We know most of them can’t, as they have been confirmed for other movies.)


❤︎Ship Post: Clintasha❤︎

Hey hey hey! I’m starting a new category of posts, called Ship Posts! This idea was inspired by this blog: https://themarvelpost.wordpress.com (Which I don’t follow, but I borrowed this idea.) So, I’ll be posting my opinions on different ships. I made a new category for these posts, fyi. Also, this won’t be a daily thing, or a weekly thing, I’ll just do it when I feel like it. So, today on Ship Post we’ll be talking about my OTP, Clintasha.
Clint and Natasha



To start, Clintasha is the one name of the pairing of Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff. Other ship names include: BlackHawk, Blackeye, Bartonoff, etc. Okay, they are basically canon. I mean, not technically, but it’s so implied. First of all, Natasha argues about going in on the mission, but when she hears that “Barton’s been compromised”, she’s all in. Later, she mentions Clint a few times, and checks his profile/stats thing on a SHIELD computer. Later she fights him, and they talk in a SHIELD recovery room. During their talk, you can tell that they love each other. If you don’t see love, I’m sure you can at least see that they care about each other, a lot. And later when they talk about Budapest, that implies that they’ve known each other pretty long, and they have had memorable missions and memories. What happened in Budapest? It is a question that has messed up fangirls(and fanboys). Although, I heard someone say that it wasn’t anything romantic. But it is still pretty interesting(because it may be romantic in the movie-verse), and there are a lot of fan fictions written about it. If you want to read Budapest fan fictions, check these links out. (Note: I have not read the works, and they may contain risky/questionable content. Or they may not be centered Budapest, but I tried to find ones that looked like they might be.)










Here is a link, the page tells you why Clintasha is a thing, and why you should ship it:


Here is another link by the same author:


To conclude, they are my OTP and I ship them so much!

I hope you enjoyed this post!