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☆AoS 3×08: Many Heads, One Tale☆

Yes, I’m late. Even later than normal, as normally I’d be posting in the mornings, or at least before AoS comes on. Alas, there was no AoS this week :c So I’m posting a little late. This post will probably be pretty short– I’m having a meh kind of night, and stuff needs to be done for Thanksgiving. Anyway, let’s get started!
Fitz and Simmons, near kissing.

The main thing that was hyped up about this episode was the supposed Fitzsimmons kiss. Even though many believed it could happen, I was skeptical– I thought it was just a tease, that they wouldn’t actually kiss. Well, I was wrong. Fitz and Simmons argue, and at one point Fitz mentions that even “the bloody cosmos” doesn’t want them to be together. But he kisses her, pushing her up against a table/desk, where she knocks some books and papers to the floor. He pulls away, but she kisses him back. Then he leaves– It’s really not a happy moment, even if kissing is involved. Some fans are all like “Yay, Fitzsimmons is together now!!” but they’re totally not. Like, I can understand being excited that your ship kissed (hell, I ship Fitzsimmons too) but just because they did, doesn’t instantly make them a happy couple. Anyway, Simmons realizes the papers that fell to the ground show something– And later at a meeting Fitz and Simmons later tell the team what they found out. Turns out Will and his group are linked to HYDRA– and the team was sent as a sacrifice, not to discover things. I’m adamant that Will is still a good person though. Surely, he must not have known that it was HYDRA, or, even if he did, I’m sure he had noble intents.



Bobbi and Hunter, undercover.
Bobbi and Hunter went undercover in this episode, and they were pretty awesome. Bobbi kicked butt with her batons ❤ Hunter was a huge dork, in the best way possible. He was undercover as a hacker, and Daisy was telling him what to say. It was pretty funny when he was taking a while to hack the stuff, and Daisy was all like “smh @ hunter”. Anyway  Hunter + Bobbi + undercover = basically dream come true. So that was great! :0


Also: May was nice and apologized to Lincoln, MayLincoln is totally adorable although I don’t ship it romantically. Lincoln is totally in love with Daisy. Turns out, Ward has Andrew and like purposely gassed him to make him turn into Lash. Ward’s trying to use Lash as a weapon, it seems.


Well, in other news the Civil War trailer is out, so if I’m good I’ll post a review of that later.


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