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✿Agent Carter 1×01 + 1×02: Pilot + Bridge and Tunnel (Also: Ant-Man trailer)✿

(I couldn’t figure out the correct name for the episode, so the title of this post may change later.)

Hello again, agents! After a short hiatus, I’m back and ready to blog! Agent Carter premiered yesterday, and it was AMAZING! It was a two-hour premiere, so I’m not going to go over the plot-line. BUT, I still have quite a bit to say. I absolutely love Peggy Carter, and Hayley Atwell is an awesome actress. I love how the character defies gender stereotypes, especially since there were so many more back then. Colleen seemed like a nice character, so I was sad to see her go. But what I like about Peggy is that she kicks butt, but she isn’t an emotionless character. I love Melinda May, but she is very stoic, not to say that is a bad thing.(I have been told I’m stoic) But Peggy can kill people, and throw their expectations right back in their faces. When her friend dies, though, of course she’s going to cry about it. It seems that some female badasses these days are strong and kickbutt– which means they can’t have emotions. Or at least that’s what the creators of those characters seem to think. So I like the fact that Peggy is tough and has emotions. It sucks for Peggy, though, dealing with all that sexism. It sucks for all the girls back then, and all the girls now. (Although I think things are somewhat better now.) Angie(The girl working at the diner), had to deal with harassment, and she was just trying to do her job. Angie seems like a nice friendly character, and I kind of ship her and Peggy–oops. I like Daniel. He doesn’t expect a whole lot from Peggy, but overall he seems like a nice guy. And I adore Jarvis! He kind of reminds me of Alfred from Batman. Jarvis is funny and nice, and I love his accent. I also hope we see some more of Howard. And I loved the references to Captain America.

Well, that’s all I have to say for now. You can expect another post or two coming later today. Bye for now!