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☆AoS 2×16: Afterlife☆

Before we get started, I have a few things to say. These aren’t AoS related, so if you don’t care you can just skip ahead. Thing #1– bad news. I can’t watch Daredevil yet 😦 I’m not 18, and my parents are kind of over-protective so they have to watch it first. Yeah, it sucks. Thing #2– I got a haircut! My hair was almost waist length, and it was super annoying, so I decided to have it cut. It’s about shoulder-length now, and it’s pretty cute, if I do say so myself. Anyway, on to the episode review.

So, being v late & all, I don’t remember all the details of the episode. I do remember some, though.




So, in this episode we met Lincoln. I thought he was a pretty cool guy, and it’s good that Skye could find someone with shared life experience. (Comment if you understood that reference)

Anyway, he was pretty cool + he and Skye might fall in love…. Idk but I kind of ship it. And then at the end of the ep, Skye’s mom is back from the dead :0 The sad thing is, Skye doesn’t know it’s her mom. I hope she lets her mom train her, because it was be nice for Skye to have a mentor, + Jiaying is her mother, and it would be nice for Skye to have some blood family.

I wish Raina would be treated better. I mean, she’s done some bad things, yes. But she just went through a change that she expected to be nice and cool and beautiful, and now she thinks of herself as a monster. Some people may think that Raina doesn’t deserve nice things, and to be treated well, because she did bad things in the past. Think of it this way– Natasha has a horrible past, worse than Raina’s, and now she’s funny and nice and good. And how did she get that way? Someone gave her a second chance, a chance to be good. That person showed her the good side, and even when others treated her like a monster, that person treated her like a human with a potential to be good. Raina need someone to treat her like that.

Also~ I loved the Fitzsimmonsy parts of this ep. The way they switched out the cube, and lied, saying Simmons had tried everything. And then Fitz got away with the cube, yay! And she gave him his favorite sandwich!!! And she wrote Love, Jemma on the note inside. Damn, I ship them so hard!!

I’ll try to post soon after tonight’s episode. I’m so excited to finally learn about Melinda May’s past! (By the way, I’m so obsessed with AoS that I had a dream about Skye and Fitz last night…)