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☆AoS 3×10: Maveth☆

SOOOO late omg. bc i’m a lazy bum. so i probably forgot most of what happened, but i’ll still put some scattered thoughts. no photos this time, bc like i said– lazy ass *points to self*


Overall, I found the episode much less high-stakes. And, at the end (most of) my favorites were still alive. So that’s a plus! At the end, I was like ‘oh no cliff?? that’s chill man.’ but then I was like ‘oh wait there’s one more scene what if it’s like simmons getting swallowed by the monolith oh god it could be a HUGE cliffy!!’ but then it wasn’t. So. I mean, yeah, Ward is an evil zombie dude consumed by “it” or whatever but??? no one was in imminent danger really. Yeah, Ward would go after and destroy them all soon. However, he was not at the time so it was actually pretty damn chill for an AoS midseason finale.


WARD. So, like I said– he’s currently a zombie/monster/it. I was hella surprised that Coulson actually killed Ward though. I mean, I wanted it to happen because Ward is a horrible person, but I didn’t think the writers/directors/etc would kill off one of the original six, yanno? So yeah, pretty exciting that he died. Of course, Brett isn’t kicked from the show, because now he’s playing zombie Ward. …Which will probably be more evil than normal Ward. Still, that was one of the biggest shocks this episode, so yeahhhh.


WILL. Okay so when Fitz was on Maveth with Will I just??? I shipped them so hard ok. Like how Fitz fixed up Will’s leg–or, tried to–and they were just so !!!! I would’ve loved for them both to have made it out, so Fitzwill could sail, or fitzwillsimmons (ot3 amirite?) but alas. The thing that sucks about it the most is that Will had been dead for a while, it was the monster that was still living, Will’s body as its host. Will Daniels deserved a far better death then ‘oh twist will’s been dead the whole time i’m a fking monster ha ha tricked you’ okay maybe I’m a bit too bitter BUT STILL. i fking loved Will ok? Like all he got was one episode, really. And he just DESERVED SO MUCH MORE.


ahem. moving on. Lash is free and frightening, having just killed a large selection of Inhumans 😦 Simmons, being the one who let him out, is probably going to feel guilty about that. Not now though, as she’ll be busy mourning the loss of Will D-: Joey blocking those bullets was amazing and funny. Joey is a ray of sunshine and fingers crossed the writers/directors/etc don’t kill him off. Also, Lincoln telling Joey it’s normal to be stressed and stuff was just ❤ Lincoln/Joey, you guys. It’s great.


Well, that’s all for now! You may be seeing a Civil War trailer review, and maybe a couple other posts, who knows? but maybe not, me being the lazy person that i am   We’ll see. For now, happy holidays!