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✿Agent Carter 2×04: Smoke & Mirrors✿

late, but still (somewhat kind of) great !! >:-c


Peggy in her flashback wearing a wedding dress.

In this episode, we got to see flashbacks of Peggy’s life as a child, how she rebelled against the typical games and manner of a polite young girl of those times. We get to meet her awesome brother, Michael. She grows up, and we learn she is offered a job in combat, but she denies, saying that’s not her plan for her future, and she doesn’t think she’s suited to that kind of work. We learn she is engaged, as well. She gets a letter inviting her to join still, but she ignores it. Michael, who works in the army, meets Peggy’s fiancee, who I can’t remember the name of. He asks Peggy if this is really what she wants, asking her to remember her childhood and consider a life of combat. He then admits that he’s the one who recommended her to the SSR (or whatever it was called then). She says that this is what she wants, and she doesn’t have to listen to him. Later on, Peggy’s mother is helping her try on her wedding dress. Her mother then goes to the door, it’s army people telling her that Michael has died. Peggy is very sad and emotional, of course, and she takes the letter into consideration, in Michael’s honor. I wish Peggy didn’t have to go through all this pain– Michael dying, Steve dying, and so on. Michael seemed like such a good character, too. It was an interesting set of flashbacks!


Whitney / Agnes with a large crack on her face, exposing the zero matter inside.

Whitney / Agnes had flashbacks in this episode, too. About her life as a young girl, loving science despite her mother telling her it wouldn’t get her anywhere, and growing up and using her pretty face more to her advantage, and taking on a job as an actress. She kills this guy that Peggy is interrogating, who (I think) was also the guy who used to date her mother, and her husband finds out that she’s not quite human anymore. I’m sympathetic to her backstory, and her position, and she certainly intrigues me. However, I do not support her current actions– She’s the villain of the story, and she acts like one.


Jarvis holding a tranquilizer gun

This episode was really funny! Jarvis gets tranquilized and says “Jarvelous”, Peggy and Sousa interrogate a guy by giving him a severe cold and telling him it’s a deadly virus, and general tranquilized Jarvis is hilarious 😂







☆AoS 2×08: The Things We Bury☆

For once I’m not posting late, yay! First, let’s talk about Whitehall. Okay, so WOW, he doesn’t age anymore, that’s pretty dang cool. There were a LOT of flashbacks in this ep, which I didn’t particularly enjoy, but at least we got to see Peggy! This episode was rated TV14 for violence, while watching the guts get removed from that woman, I could see why. Also, that woman was Skye’s mom, so that was interesting! Skye’s dad seems kind of evil, tbh. Coulson and Skye’s real dad are going to fight over Skye, or so it seems. I’m excited to find the city, and I wonder what makes certain people so special.. OMG, Trip almost died! Thank god he didn’t, he’s a great character! Fitzzzzz. He did the thing in time, whew! Ward and his brother, omg. Ward seems to be evil again, which I hate. I don’t want him working for HYDRA, ugh. But I’m still going to stick with Ward. Bobbi and Hunter, ahhhh 😍 

I ship them SOOO much! And that angry sex… wowie. Also, some of them met Skye’s father and didn’t tell her, but she suspects something. I’ll sum this up with some whining, because the next episode won’t come out for 2 weeks! I cri. Why, AoS writers/producers, whyyyy?