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So, I’m here to tell you a little about my Halloween. Now, as you may know, I was dressed as Gamora, from Guardians of the Galaxy. My skin color wasn’t the exact shade of green, and my hair was longer, and I was just wearing black. But still. I’m pretty sure I looked like Gamora. No one else thought so though. A few of my friends knew, but some didn’t. The strangers whose houses we trick-or-treated at had no clue who I was. A friend thought I was a witch, a stranger thought I was Poison Ivy. I was griping about this to my BFF, and we decided we should make a superhero school. So that we could educate people on the many obvious differences between Gamora and Poison Ivy. Now, I understand that not everyone would know, but Guardians of the Galaxy was a really popular movie. I’m disappointed in humanity.


✰Fellow Fans✰

Today I am going to tell you about people I know, who are also in the fandom. My immediate family is, which is super cool. My BFF is too, and she also likes DC. Then there’s this annoying boy I know, and he likes the MCU. And then there are my online friends. They are super cool, although they’re closer friends with each other than me, from what I can tell at least. 😦

I’d love for you to drop me a comment, if you’re a fellow fan! 🙂