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☆AoS 3×05: 4,722 Hours☆

Simmons on alien planet

YES. IM LATE AGAIN. I KNOW. anywayyyyyyyyyyyyy. So this episode was almost entirely focused on Jemma’s life on the alien planet– some parts were awesome, but sometimes it felt like it was kind of dragging on. We got to see how kickass Jemma is– although keep in mind she was always kickass, this just in a different way. She attacked a sea monster and said “You’re dinner, biatch!” which was awesome. She was proud of her burp– again, awesome. She missed Fitz a lot, saying goodnight to him which was sweet. We could also see how the planet aggravated her, how she screamed for the sun, and how sometimes she was filled with despair. Later on, she falls into a trap. There she meets Will Daniels– and astronaut who has been on the planet for 14 years. At first he doesn’t think she is even real, but he learns that she is and they form a friendship. This friendship turns into a romance. With Will’s help, she manages to find Fitz and get back home– but Will is still left behind. She tells Fitz this story, and Fitz says he’ll help her get Will back.

Now, Will was controversial, at least on Twitter. Some Fitzsimmons fans hated him, and said that he was ruining Jemma’s stand-alone episode and minimizing her PTSD. I’m a strong Will supporter, and I also ship him with Jemma. But it doesn’t matter which ship side you’re on– Will hasn’t done anything wrong. He hadn’t seen anyone for presumably years, and why do ppl hate him? Because he fell in love? Oh my god, this guy fell in love, he’s a horrible person! Oh my god, the girl misses him, he’s ruining everything! Wow, he helped her, so that shows she can’t be cool on her own. She cried over him not just the trauma– she must not have PTSD. It’s all bullcrap.

The promo for tonight’s episode looks intense. Bobbi is back in the field, and in trouble– I’m scared for that. Anyway, I’ll try to post sooner this time, but who knows.