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☆AoS 2×20 + 2×21: S.O.S pts 1 + 2☆


I am a mess, so this post will not be ordered or anything, this’ll just be me spitting out my random thoughts. Nice 😎

bobbi tied up



OMG HUNTINGBIRD??? AND JUST BOBBI IN GENERAL. MY LOVE, MY WIFE, THE JOY IN MY LIFE. HOLY– Hm ok. I gotta phrase this a little better. Bobbi is one of my absolute faves in the history of ever, and this episode made me love her so much more. So she’s scared of needles(same here) and Ward sticking needles into her fingers was gross as heck. I was hoping Hunter and May would come save her, but she tried to save herself first. And she did a badass job at trying. But when she was in the chair and they were saying whoever came into  the room next would die… 💔 Well, when she started moving around in the chair, I knew she was trying to put herself in the line of fire. Tbh, I thought she’d die by doing that. When she was almost dead and Lance was so… agh my heart. The end of the episode left with a “I can’t do this anymore” by Bobbi and what does that mean? She can’t do the relationship, I guess. Actually, it probably means working for SHIELD. After thinking about that while I brushed my teeth I was thinking maybe she meant she couldn’t keep living anymore… And, voila! I’ll be writing depressing fanfic about that soon 😉




JIAYING THOUGH???? GAH I HATE HER. I can’t believe she killed Raina? I didn’t love Raina, but she was a very interesting character. She had finally learned to love her new form, and accept her powers– and then Jiaying killed her. 😢 And then at the end of the episode she tried to kill Skye, I just,, that was too far. I mean, yeah Skye had turned against her,,, but trying to kill Skye was rude. And she staged the whole attack, she made Skye believe that SHIELD was attacking Afterlife, and she made all the Inhumans believe that SHIELD was attacking, when really it was just part of her plan. Ugh. I’m not mad that she died, to say the least.

cal with vials



It was sad that Cal killed her. It was nice of him though, so that Skye wouldn’t have to go through that pain, but still. Killing your own wife has gotta be really sucky. When he got that adrenaline shot and went crazy, well… that was creepy and weird. Apparently he’s Dr. Hyde in the comics, so I guess that has something to do with it. That was creepy though… At the end when he and Skye parted.. feelings. But then he went through the TAHITI program?? That was sad and depressing. I get that it was good in the big scheme of things,,, but it still sucked. Oh well, he seemed happy at least.

Simmons with teary eyes



FITZSIMMONS. Okay so when Fitz said “Science, beyotch.” was my favorite thing ever. ever. And Simmons realized that she cared about him in that way and they were so about to kiss or something but then Coulson had to interrupt and Simmons was crying and shooting me in the head would hurt less. Okay, maybe that was a hyperbole. But still. And at the very end, they were about to go on a date… and then. Okay so the episode ended great, everything was tied up, it was nice and good, and THEN. Really? Did Simmons have to be sucked in by that weird rock thing. Gah, why did Fitz accidentally open it? And we have to wait until Fall to find out what happened to her… 😓

kara, dying



And OH MY GOD Ward killed Kara?!?!?! wtf. And now apparently Ward is HYDRA again… but i cannot believe he killed Kara agh that sucks! Why did Kara have to die? And Ward is never going to forgive himself for killing her,,, agh. Kara said that killing Bobbi at one point didn’t feel right, and Kara was just a cool character and now she’s dead for Ward’s manpain? Ughhhhhhh.




Mack is back! I liked him and Skye kicking butt together. And he chopped off Coulson’s arm was nice. I mean, maybe it was kind of crazy, but it was needed. I’m happy May and Skye seem to be friendly again. And May and Andrew… friendly might not be the right word. 😜 Lincoln saying that they weren’t bad, just misled was cool bro 😎 I loved the finale, but I’m mad about the cliffhanger ending.

Well, that’s all for now!


☆AoS 2×20: Scars☆

Yo yo yo!

I’m too lazy to add pics to this post, sorry!

First– Mackkkkk. I had seen that his name was in the Guest Starring section, so I figured he might not be around very much, but I wish he hadn’t left SHIELD. Tbh, after he went down in the pit he’d been less likable, and he wasn’t bringing a whole lot to the team, but… Aw.

I love how there is just one SHIELD now. I’m happy SHIELD is at least getting along.

Jiaying is weird. Something had always seemed off about her, and now she killed Gonzales and made it seem like he had shot her. Now Skye is going to be against SHIELD, at least for now. Plus, Jiaying said that discovery requires experimentation. Whitehall always said that back in the day… Is Whitehall somehow controlling her, or her body? Or is she just more intense than we thought? Hm…

When Ward shot Bobbi in the head, I thought for a second that Bobbi was dead. That second was scary as hell. Bobbi is one of my absolute faves, and if she died, I’d… Well, I’d be hella mad. I understand that Kara is mad about what happened and how she was treated, but– Bobbi tried to be nice, and she mentioned how they had known each other before. But now Kara and Ward are the let’s get revenge couple. Ah well.

I loved how Simmons gave Skye the hula girl thing, and Fitz’s joke. Fitz/Simmons/Skye are one of my favorite friendships ever.

May is a better mother figure for Skye than Jiaying, imo.

And Bobbi is awe-freaking-some. She’s the one who questions why Kara is getting locked up, she’s the one who says Coulson is a good man… How could anyone not like Bobbi?

Next week is the two-hour, two-episode, season finale! It’s gonna be crazy, and I can’t wait!



☆AoS 2×17: Melinda☆

I’m actually not that late this time! 😯

This episode was one of my favorites. Well, compared to some s1 stuff, it might not be, but of the recent episodes, it is my fave. This episode had two main plots– both which I found worthwhile and interesting. Plot #1 focused on Melinda May’s past, and we got to see how she became known as “the cavalry”. Plot #2 was Skye learning a bit more about her powers, and learning that Jiaying is her mother. Both of the plots focused on important characters, and they were both important to the overall plot of the show.

melinda may in ep17-- Melinda

During all the flashbacks, we got to see who Melinda May once was. It was strange to see her display her emotions like that. I feel bad for her. It seemed like she and Andrew had a nice relationship, so it was sad that that ended. Melinda May changed a lot after those events, but she had reason too. It was a traumatic experience. When I was younger, something happened to me, and I’m different now. (What happened to me wasn’t really a bad thing though, it was nothing like this.) Anyway, I can understand why those events would change her. She had to kill people, and worst of all she had to kill a child. Obviously the girl had some problems, and that was the best option for May in that situation, but that was definitely a defining moment for May. She had loved kids before, and maybe now she still secretly does, so killing that girl was a hard thing to do. I liked how AoS showed the contrast between the old Melinda and the more recent, by showing the same events, but differently. (Showering, seeing Andrew in the morning) And now she is faced with some tough choices. She has learned that Coulson had a secret project he didn’t tell anybody about, and she may have a place in the “real SHIELD”.

Skye looking at Jiaying

In this episode, Skye learned who Jiaying was. It was so nice for Skye to have a mother and a mentor all in one. Plus, I mean, Skye literally moved a mountain. She is learning to enjoy her powers, and like her real self. We also learned that Raina may be able to see the future, which is really cool. Lincoln seemed a bit weird about it, so hopefully he doesn’t try to stop the “perfect family” thing. But, it also could just be that he was realizing Raina’s powers.

It was so cool that Fitz is joining the uber-cool team of Coulson and Lance. I’m excited to see them be a cool team.

I’ll be back soon with some AoU excitement posts!

Until then,


☆AoS 2×14: Love in the Time of Hydra☆

Ayyyy. Time to post about the latest episode of AoS, yo.

Soooooo. I wish Fitz and Simmons had bigger storylines.
fitz with simmons in bg
Lately they’ve just been side characters, and I don’t like that. I love how Fitz supports Skye, saying she might be like an Avenger. (And, from season 1, we know she’s a pretty big Avengers fangirl) Fitz said that the scariest change was Simmons, and I have to agree. I understand where she’s coming from, though. Simmons and Triplett were pretty close friends, and having him die because of alien superpowers– she has a reason to be scared. But if she goes so far as to kill people with alien superpowers, then it’s too much. And she did say that she wouldn’t mind if Raina died. So, she’s going to dangerous territory. When Skye mentioned that Fitz wants a dog now, instead of a monkey, it kind of broke my heart. 💔 I don’t know why he doesn’t like monkeys as much, but they’ve always been Fitz’s thing, and I hate that it’s changed. But dogs are cool, too, so it’s not too bad.

Enough about Fitz and Simmons, though. They were hardly even in this episode. The first plot-line I’m going to talk about is the “Love in the Time of Hydra” one.
kara with skyes face
The episode was named after that plot-line, and for good reason– that was the main plot of this episode. It wasn’t exactly love though, not in my mind. Maybe the beginnings of love, but I don’t think they’re that far along yet. I love how protective Ward is of Kara(Agent 33, but I’m only going to be using her name now, because she’s a person, not just a number.) and how he tries to help her find closure. Poor Kara. She’s struggling to come to terms with her identity, as it’s been wiped away and replaced by blind compliance. Luckily, by the end of the episode, she’s starting to become more comfortable with her identity. (And her face, for that matter.) When she used Skye’s face to try to get Ward’s attention… poor baby Kara. I’m glad Ward’s helping her with all of this. That said, I wasn’t a huge fan of this plot-line.

Next plot-line: “the real SHIELD”.
We learned a little more about this version of SHIELD in the episode, but still– I don’t really like their main goal. I love Bobbi though. Sure, she’s a traitor. But I still like her, and I feel like she is a good person. Her actions may not show that right now, but she has good inside her. Mack, on the other hand, didn’t hesitate to put Lance in a chokehold when Lance questioned the secret. Mack can still be redeemed, I’m sure, but right now his actions aren’t making me like him very much. The next episode will put Mack and Bobbi to the test, and then we can see their true intentions.

Last but not least– Skye.
There wasn’t as much Skye as I would have liked in this episode. She is struggling with her powers, and I think she deserves a bigger, if not the biggest, plot-line. Coulson and May have good intentions with putting Skye in the cabin. Still, isolation might just make it worse. Being in the field is an even worse idea. So, the cabin was a good idea. But Skye needs some help and comfort. She at least needs some company. Hopefully things will go better for her soon.

That’s all for now. I’m excited for the next episode!


☆AoS 2×08: The Things We Bury☆

For once I’m not posting late, yay! First, let’s talk about Whitehall. Okay, so WOW, he doesn’t age anymore, that’s pretty dang cool. There were a LOT of flashbacks in this ep, which I didn’t particularly enjoy, but at least we got to see Peggy! This episode was rated TV14 for violence, while watching the guts get removed from that woman, I could see why. Also, that woman was Skye’s mom, so that was interesting! Skye’s dad seems kind of evil, tbh. Coulson and Skye’s real dad are going to fight over Skye, or so it seems. I’m excited to find the city, and I wonder what makes certain people so special.. OMG, Trip almost died! Thank god he didn’t, he’s a great character! Fitzzzzz. He did the thing in time, whew! Ward and his brother, omg. Ward seems to be evil again, which I hate. I don’t want him working for HYDRA, ugh. But I’m still going to stick with Ward. Bobbi and Hunter, ahhhh 😍 

I ship them SOOO much! And that angry sex… wowie. Also, some of them met Skye’s father and didn’t tell her, but she suspects something. I’ll sum this up with some whining, because the next episode won’t come out for 2 weeks! I cri. Why, AoS writers/producers, whyyyy?