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✰Who will die in Age of Ultron?✰

I got a question about this the other day, and I thought I’d explain my answer in more detail. My answer is Bruce and/or Pietro. One of the main reasons I think Bruce will die, is explained by this post.


NerdyHawk mentions that Hulk might take over Bruce in a few other posts too. Clint, Natasha, Tony and Steve are all confirmed for Captain America: Civil War, so they obviously can’t die. Thor is confirmed for Thor: Ragnarok, so Bruce is who’s left. Wanda and Pietro are new characters to this universe, so who really knows with them? I was talking to a friend(themarvelpost.wordpress.com) and he said he didn’t see Pietro fighting in one of the trailers when all the others are fighting. In the trailers we see a lot of Hulk, and in the new trailer, Hulk is advertised, not Bruce. So… That’s what I think, heavily influenced by others opinions. I really hope no one dies. But I’m sure someone will, I mean, c’mon– This is Marvel we’re talking about. Marvel does have a history of bringing characters back to life though(https://marvelmoviemaniac.wordpress.com/2015/03/12/road-to-ultron-1-of-6-mcu-characters-that-died-but-then-actually-didnt-spoilers/) so maybe they’ll bring whoever dies back, although I sort of doubt it.

Anyway, I know I linked to three different blogs here, but go check them out if you love Marvel!

Talk to ya later.