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☆AoS 3×18: Failed Experiments☆

This’ll be short and without pictures, bc I’m low on time :-/


the Kree were in this episode, and there was a fight scene between HiveWard and a Kree. however, i didn’t give a crap : i would’ve been happy if both had died.


we got to meet O’Brian and Piper — they’re just minor characters for now, but hopefully they’ll become more main, because Piper was really great and I love her already


may being undercover was great 🙂


lincoln basically risked his life for a slight chance that daisy could be saved. this was partially due to the fact that he loves daisy sm but ALSO he’s def somewhat suicidal + he was an alcoholic.. basically he needs some help. his problems need to be addressed. by fans, too. fans hate him for no reason and :-/. yes, maybe he freaks out and has anger issues : but it’s not just a personality flaw, it’s a mental illness and that nEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED.


there was an emotional scene between daisy and mack, which ripped my heart to shreds/ it was really sad and uGH. she tried to kill him — thankfully he survived. and that means he probably won’t die in the finale, so whew. still. Daisy was shot by May in the process … May’s face as she’s leaving with the team is v sad. I really like May/Daisy mother-daughter relationship, but it never really works out.


we’ll see what happens tonight!


☆AoS 2×12: Who You Really Are☆

Sorry for the late post once again. I’ve been sick and lazy, so.. ye. Anyway, let’s get to it.

In this episode, Sif is back! She brings some humor to the show, which is nice, seeing how the show has been so dark lately. I kind of hoped she would have lost her memory for longer, but it was still interesting. Coulson and May asked if the name Thor was familiar to her, and she said she did not know the name but it made her smile. So that was pretty cute. May and Skye were sparring, and Skye was worried about hurting May, and Fitz came over to see if Skye was okay. Ahhh I just love the FitzSkye friendship !  At the beginning of the episode (the Bobbi/Lance after-sex scene) it seemed like Bobbi and Lance were getting back together. I mean, obviously they had been working on it (the after-fight make-out and going to have sex in the car) but it seemed like they were getting better emotionally, too. And later when Bobbi is investigating the kree guy’s weapon, Lance is flirting with her. Mack had told Bobbi to push Lance away, so Bobbi told Lance that she wanted to take things slow. Lance was obviously unhappy, but as he left he said to Bobbi– “Don’t die out there, yeah?” Which gave me many feels. My friend was saying that everyone might lose their memory, and another friend was saying that after killing the kree guy everyone would get their memory back. That would have been interesting, but alas, that didn’t happen. We got to learn more about blue angels that fell from the sky, which was interesting. Skye’s powers were found out, and Sif and kree guy tried to incapacitate Skye, believing her to be dangerous. May pulled Skye away and tried to help her control her powers. (May/Skye mother/daughter-relationship feels, ok?) Everyone was saying that Skye was dangerous and that Fitz should have told them, because Skye was a danger to them. Skye overheard, and locked herself away. Fitz said that the others knowing about Skye’s powers was dangerous to her, and he went after Skye to try to convince her that she didn’t need to lock herself away. And the very end of the episode, Lance confronts Mack about the secret, saying that he knows it’s not just a support group. Mack grabs Lance, and makes it so Lance passes out. Mack is like– crap, what do I do now? Yikessssss. The secret that Bobbi and Mack have is stressing me out. It’s ruining the hopes of Bobbi and Lance getting back together and Bobbi and Mack seemed like good characters, I don’t want them to be villains.

Well, I’m excited for the next episode. I’ll talk to you then!