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☆AoS 2×05: A Hen In The Wolfhouse☆

THIS EPISODE. OMG. Okay, so FitzSimmons met up again, ASDFGHJKL;. Buuuut, now that “Simmons” (aka Fitz’s subconscious) was checking out Mac, I kinda ship Mitz… I have a new headcanon to make this work for me… Fitz is bi. OKAY OKAY OKAY AND THEN- Bobbi Morse is so kickass! But she’s also totally a person too, and I love her!  And I’m sure Bobbi and Hunter will be hilarious :’D So, Skye’s father… IS AN ALIEN MONSTER! Me and my BFF think that it would be so cool, if Skye had powers and became a superhero. I really want to know Skye’s real name, I NEED TO KNOW. And I know why Skye’s dad hates Coulson… because Coulson is a father-figure to Skye! I love their father-daughter relationship so much! I’m so glad Simmons didn’t die, I totally called it. I knew a main character wouldn’t die like that, but my BFF thought she would die. I was the right one! I’m excited to see what happens with Ward in the next episode, but I’ll have to wait a whole week. The suspense will surely kill me.


✰Flu shots✰

So, today I got a flu shot. My arm is sore right now, ugh. You should probably know that I hate shots. I do not like anything medical-related, and I’m sort of a hypochondriac, so I’m always afraid I’ll have a reaction to the shot. I also have anxiety, and I sometimes get panic attacks over stupid things. Anyway, I wore my Captain America shirt(Well, one of them.). I wore it last year too, which was the first year I didn’t cry when getting the shot/before the shot. I thought that Steve would be brave in the situation and stuff. It’s kind of stupid, I know. But the MCU is really important to me. Steve and Fitz are very, very, important to me. I wish Fitz was real, so I could hug him, and help him, and be a friend to him. I almost declared him my favorite character of all time, but then I remembered Steve. The main reason I like Steve so much is because he’s nice, caring, and selfless, and I admire that. If only real guys were like them…

(I’m not trying to say guys aren’t nice and selfless, but I’ve never loved a real guy like I love these characters.)


☆AoS 2×04: Face My Enemy☆

I loved the episode, but then again I always love Agents of SHIELD. The undercover part was hilarious. I loved how everyone freaked out when May started laughing. And I’m glad Fitz is starting to bond with the newer member of the team. Although his reference to Simmons was absolutely heartbreaking. ☹  Btw, this episode made me ship Philinda so much more. I really hope Melinda doesn’t have to kill Phil. I don’t think she will be able to though… idk. The next episode looks pretty dramatic. Finally we get to find out who Skye’s father is! And Simmons better not get killed. That would suck. I’ll comment on next weeks episode too!




Leo Fitz.

He is my favorite AoS character, I love him so muchh <333

And FitzSimmons is the greatest thing since Clintasha.



When Fitz gets frustrated when he can’t think straight, I lose a piece of my heart.

I’m SO glad for Mack. Fitz needs a friend.

I’m not happy about the FitzSimmons situation. Simmons needs to be there for Fitz in his time of need. Hopefully they meet up again soon.

(IM SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT EPISODE OF AOS!!! IT LOOKS SO FUNNY! I’ll post my thoughts on it :))


✰About Me✰

Hi! I’m avengersfangirl, a super obsessed MCU fan. I’m going to tell you a bit about me and my obsession.
What first got me into the fandom was The Avengers. My parents wanted to watch it with me, but I thought I’d hate it. (I didn’t like action-y movies back then.) I loved it, and after watching it a few times, I started watching the other movies. I have now seen The Avengers 11 times, and that number will continue increasing. My all-time favorite avenger is Captain America, and my second fave is Black Widow. I am an avid watcher of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. at the moment, and I’m excited for every Tuesday! In case you were wondering, my main MCU ships are FitzSimmons and Clintasha. I also like Skyeward, Philinda, Pepperony, and Thane.