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☆AoS 2×06: A Fractured House☆

Okay, so this is really late, and I forgot some of what happened. But my computer was having issues, so I couldn’t post! 😦 But I’ll post what I remember. So, HYDRA attacked the UN, which was very bad for the SHIELD agents. And Ward! His brother is putting him on trial! Now, I know Ward isn’t a good guy, but I was holding out hope that he’d make up for what he did. But now he won’t be with the team! So, we probably won’t see much of Ward. That sucks. While I didn’t like Ward fully, he was a complex and interesting character, and I liked to see his interaction with the team. And Hunter saving Bobbi! I totally ship them! But Simmons feels like Mac is replacing her… FitzSimmons is falling apart! I’m glad Fitz has Mac as a friend though. 🙂

I know this Tuesday is a Marvel special, but I’ll post about that, too!



☆AoS 2×05: A Hen In The Wolfhouse☆

THIS EPISODE. OMG. Okay, so FitzSimmons met up again, ASDFGHJKL;. Buuuut, now that “Simmons” (aka Fitz’s subconscious) was checking out Mac, I kinda ship Mitz… I have a new headcanon to make this work for me… Fitz is bi. OKAY OKAY OKAY AND THEN- Bobbi Morse is so kickass! But she’s also totally a person too, and I love her!  And I’m sure Bobbi and Hunter will be hilarious :’D So, Skye’s father… IS AN ALIEN MONSTER! Me and my BFF think that it would be so cool, if Skye had powers and became a superhero. I really want to know Skye’s real name, I NEED TO KNOW. And I know why Skye’s dad hates Coulson… because Coulson is a father-figure to Skye! I love their father-daughter relationship so much! I’m so glad Simmons didn’t die, I totally called it. I knew a main character wouldn’t die like that, but my BFF thought she would die. I was the right one! I’m excited to see what happens with Ward in the next episode, but I’ll have to wait a whole week. The suspense will surely kill me.