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☆AoS 3×18: Failed Experiments☆

This’ll be short and without pictures, bc I’m low on time :-/


the Kree were in this episode, and there was a fight scene between HiveWard and a Kree. however, i didn’t give a crap : i would’ve been happy if both had died.


we got to meet O’Brian and Piper — they’re just minor characters for now, but hopefully they’ll become more main, because Piper was really great and I love her already


may being undercover was great 🙂


lincoln basically risked his life for a slight chance that daisy could be saved. this was partially due to the fact that he loves daisy sm but ALSO he’s def somewhat suicidal + he was an alcoholic.. basically he needs some help. his problems need to be addressed. by fans, too. fans hate him for no reason and :-/. yes, maybe he freaks out and has anger issues : but it’s not just a personality flaw, it’s a mental illness and that nEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED.


there was an emotional scene between daisy and mack, which ripped my heart to shreds/ it was really sad and uGH. she tried to kill him — thankfully he survived. and that means he probably won’t die in the finale, so whew. still. Daisy was shot by May in the process … May’s face as she’s leaving with the team is v sad. I really like May/Daisy mother-daughter relationship, but it never really works out.


we’ll see what happens tonight!