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☆AoS 3×16: Paradise Lost☆

late, and this’ll be short 🙂 yayyyyyyyyy :-/


One of the reasons this post will be short is because it was very focused on Gideon Malick, who I hate. So.



HiveWard and Stephanie Malick

Gideon’s daughter, Stephanie, was in the episode. And she got horrible treatment. She, like her father, was interested in HYDRA. She was basically falling in love with HiveWard. Anyway, so Gideon saw a flash of his death, which was exciting. At one point, it seems Gideon will finally die– but, no Hive kills Stephanie instead. Which is really dumb. Why would they introduce her just to have her killed? Well, for Gideon’s mainpain, of course. Sighs. AoS has a track record of killing of females: Izzy, Jiaying, Kara, Raina, Victoria, Rosalind, and now Stephanie. The annoying thing is that many of them were PoC, and all killed in the same finale. Yay AoS, getting rid of ladies and PoC, all at once! I love this show! Ugh. I’m just hoping they don’t kill Joey or Elena: Elena is another WoC, and Joey is a PoC and the first lgbt+ MCU character (as far as I know, anyway).


Lincoln, Daisy in background

Daisy and Lincoln went on a mission, where they tried to get info from some guy Lincoln used to know. Basically, Daisy and Lincoln were being p cute, babes. Also, we learned a bit more about Lincoln’s past: he was an alcoholic and almost killed his girlfriend :O He promises Daisy that he’ll never hurt her, though. I love Lincoln. Some people have been comparing him to Ward: the whole promising Daisy they wouldn’t hurt her, but being toxic. I think Lincoln really has changed though.


The team got kidnapped, so that’s yikesy. Tonight will be… well, we’ll see!


☆AoS 2×20 + 2×21: S.O.S pts 1 + 2☆


I am a mess, so this post will not be ordered or anything, this’ll just be me spitting out my random thoughts. Nice 😎

bobbi tied up



OMG HUNTINGBIRD??? AND JUST BOBBI IN GENERAL. MY LOVE, MY WIFE, THE JOY IN MY LIFE. HOLY– Hm ok. I gotta phrase this a little better. Bobbi is one of my absolute faves in the history of ever, and this episode made me love her so much more. So she’s scared of needles(same here) and Ward sticking needles into her fingers was gross as heck. I was hoping Hunter and May would come save her, but she tried to save herself first. And she did a badass job at trying. But when she was in the chair and they were saying whoever came into  the room next would die… 💔 Well, when she started moving around in the chair, I knew she was trying to put herself in the line of fire. Tbh, I thought she’d die by doing that. When she was almost dead and Lance was so… agh my heart. The end of the episode left with a “I can’t do this anymore” by Bobbi and what does that mean? She can’t do the relationship, I guess. Actually, it probably means working for SHIELD. After thinking about that while I brushed my teeth I was thinking maybe she meant she couldn’t keep living anymore… And, voila! I’ll be writing depressing fanfic about that soon 😉




JIAYING THOUGH???? GAH I HATE HER. I can’t believe she killed Raina? I didn’t love Raina, but she was a very interesting character. She had finally learned to love her new form, and accept her powers– and then Jiaying killed her. 😢 And then at the end of the episode she tried to kill Skye, I just,, that was too far. I mean, yeah Skye had turned against her,,, but trying to kill Skye was rude. And she staged the whole attack, she made Skye believe that SHIELD was attacking Afterlife, and she made all the Inhumans believe that SHIELD was attacking, when really it was just part of her plan. Ugh. I’m not mad that she died, to say the least.

cal with vials



It was sad that Cal killed her. It was nice of him though, so that Skye wouldn’t have to go through that pain, but still. Killing your own wife has gotta be really sucky. When he got that adrenaline shot and went crazy, well… that was creepy and weird. Apparently he’s Dr. Hyde in the comics, so I guess that has something to do with it. That was creepy though… At the end when he and Skye parted.. feelings. But then he went through the TAHITI program?? That was sad and depressing. I get that it was good in the big scheme of things,,, but it still sucked. Oh well, he seemed happy at least.

Simmons with teary eyes



FITZSIMMONS. Okay so when Fitz said “Science, beyotch.” was my favorite thing ever. ever. And Simmons realized that she cared about him in that way and they were so about to kiss or something but then Coulson had to interrupt and Simmons was crying and shooting me in the head would hurt less. Okay, maybe that was a hyperbole. But still. And at the very end, they were about to go on a date… and then. Okay so the episode ended great, everything was tied up, it was nice and good, and THEN. Really? Did Simmons have to be sucked in by that weird rock thing. Gah, why did Fitz accidentally open it? And we have to wait until Fall to find out what happened to her… 😓

kara, dying



And OH MY GOD Ward killed Kara?!?!?! wtf. And now apparently Ward is HYDRA again… but i cannot believe he killed Kara agh that sucks! Why did Kara have to die? And Ward is never going to forgive himself for killing her,,, agh. Kara said that killing Bobbi at one point didn’t feel right, and Kara was just a cool character and now she’s dead for Ward’s manpain? Ughhhhhhh.




Mack is back! I liked him and Skye kicking butt together. And he chopped off Coulson’s arm was nice. I mean, maybe it was kind of crazy, but it was needed. I’m happy May and Skye seem to be friendly again. And May and Andrew… friendly might not be the right word. 😜 Lincoln saying that they weren’t bad, just misled was cool bro 😎 I loved the finale, but I’m mad about the cliffhanger ending.

Well, that’s all for now!


☆AoS 2×17: Melinda☆

I’m actually not that late this time! 😯

This episode was one of my favorites. Well, compared to some s1 stuff, it might not be, but of the recent episodes, it is my fave. This episode had two main plots– both which I found worthwhile and interesting. Plot #1 focused on Melinda May’s past, and we got to see how she became known as “the cavalry”. Plot #2 was Skye learning a bit more about her powers, and learning that Jiaying is her mother. Both of the plots focused on important characters, and they were both important to the overall plot of the show.

melinda may in ep17-- Melinda

During all the flashbacks, we got to see who Melinda May once was. It was strange to see her display her emotions like that. I feel bad for her. It seemed like she and Andrew had a nice relationship, so it was sad that that ended. Melinda May changed a lot after those events, but she had reason too. It was a traumatic experience. When I was younger, something happened to me, and I’m different now. (What happened to me wasn’t really a bad thing though, it was nothing like this.) Anyway, I can understand why those events would change her. She had to kill people, and worst of all she had to kill a child. Obviously the girl had some problems, and that was the best option for May in that situation, but that was definitely a defining moment for May. She had loved kids before, and maybe now she still secretly does, so killing that girl was a hard thing to do. I liked how AoS showed the contrast between the old Melinda and the more recent, by showing the same events, but differently. (Showering, seeing Andrew in the morning) And now she is faced with some tough choices. She has learned that Coulson had a secret project he didn’t tell anybody about, and she may have a place in the “real SHIELD”.

Skye looking at Jiaying

In this episode, Skye learned who Jiaying was. It was so nice for Skye to have a mother and a mentor all in one. Plus, I mean, Skye literally moved a mountain. She is learning to enjoy her powers, and like her real self. We also learned that Raina may be able to see the future, which is really cool. Lincoln seemed a bit weird about it, so hopefully he doesn’t try to stop the “perfect family” thing. But, it also could just be that he was realizing Raina’s powers.

It was so cool that Fitz is joining the uber-cool team of Coulson and Lance. I’m excited to see them be a cool team.

I’ll be back soon with some AoU excitement posts!

Until then,


☆AoS 2×16: Afterlife☆

Before we get started, I have a few things to say. These aren’t AoS related, so if you don’t care you can just skip ahead. Thing #1– bad news. I can’t watch Daredevil yet 😦 I’m not 18, and my parents are kind of over-protective so they have to watch it first. Yeah, it sucks. Thing #2– I got a haircut! My hair was almost waist length, and it was super annoying, so I decided to have it cut. It’s about shoulder-length now, and it’s pretty cute, if I do say so myself. Anyway, on to the episode review.

So, being v late & all, I don’t remember all the details of the episode. I do remember some, though.




So, in this episode we met Lincoln. I thought he was a pretty cool guy, and it’s good that Skye could find someone with shared life experience. (Comment if you understood that reference)

Anyway, he was pretty cool + he and Skye might fall in love…. Idk but I kind of ship it. And then at the end of the ep, Skye’s mom is back from the dead :0 The sad thing is, Skye doesn’t know it’s her mom. I hope she lets her mom train her, because it was be nice for Skye to have a mentor, + Jiaying is her mother, and it would be nice for Skye to have some blood family.

I wish Raina would be treated better. I mean, she’s done some bad things, yes. But she just went through a change that she expected to be nice and cool and beautiful, and now she thinks of herself as a monster. Some people may think that Raina doesn’t deserve nice things, and to be treated well, because she did bad things in the past. Think of it this way– Natasha has a horrible past, worse than Raina’s, and now she’s funny and nice and good. And how did she get that way? Someone gave her a second chance, a chance to be good. That person showed her the good side, and even when others treated her like a monster, that person treated her like a human with a potential to be good. Raina need someone to treat her like that.

Also~ I loved the Fitzsimmonsy parts of this ep. The way they switched out the cube, and lied, saying Simmons had tried everything. And then Fitz got away with the cube, yay! And she gave him his favorite sandwich!!! And she wrote Love, Jemma on the note inside. Damn, I ship them so hard!!

I’ll try to post soon after tonight’s episode. I’m so excited to finally learn about Melinda May’s past! (By the way, I’m so obsessed with AoS that I had a dream about Skye and Fitz last night…)


☆AoS 2×11: Aftershocks☆


AoS is finally back! This episode was intense. The eyeless guy, Gordon, kind of creeps me out. First when I saw him teleporting around in the room, I couldn’t tell that he was the eyeless dude in young format. I mean, I wanna like the guy but him missing his eyes freaks me out. RAINA. She looks so weird now, no offense to her. She was so gorgeous before! But she still looks cool. She was freaked out and asked Cal for help, but he basically told her to go kill herself. Rude, much? Poor Skye. She’s scared about her powers and she can’t control them and ahhhh 💔 When Fitz was freaking out about that, that was v emotional. But luckily he helped Skye, covering up the fact that she has powers. When they were hugging and he was comforting her… wow. I love Fitz so dang much. He’s such a nice person. Near the start of the episode, May gets shot. I was internally panicking, because it looked like it hit her in a vital place. Then Coulson got shot too. Luckily, it was just a prank to mess with HYDRA. Lance and Bobbi were chatting in the car, and Lance suspected that Mac was in on Bobbi’s secret. Bobbi confessed, that, yes, she did have a secret– She and Mac are in a support group. That seemed kind of fishy, but I thought maybe the show was trying to be lighter for the second half of season 2. I loved that car scene, I have been hardcore shipping Huntingbird lately. When the HYDRA agents surrounded the car, I was freaking out. I was worried that something would happen to Lance and/or Bobbi. Then they used the car’s weapons to kill the HYDRA agents. Whew. Sadly, at the end of the episode, my feeble hopes were shattered. Mini-Lola x-rayed Coulson’s office to find where the toolbox was kept. Bobbi and Mac briefly talk about this. Ugh. I really hoped it would just be a support group. I really really really hope they’re not HYDRA. I doubt they are, but still. I’ve been trying to come up with theories for what their secret is, but I can’t think of any logical ones. If you have any, comment ⬇️  The team was remembering happy memories of Trip, which was nice, but it shows that he will most likely stay dead. They mentioned him saying “C’mon, gurl”…….. I JUST LOVE TRIPLETT SOOOOOO MUCH AGHHH WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE IM CRYIN G (Okay, I’m not really crying, but whatever. You get the point.) This was a great episode, with lots of feels. I’m so excited that AoS is back again! Woo! Episode 12 is called Who You Really Are, and the synopsis is: Coulson and the team help Lady Sif, who lost her memory after a fight with a mysterious warrior. The 13th episode is called One of Us, and the 14th is called Love in the Time of Hydra. The 15th is One Door Closes. (source: imdb–http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2364582/episodes?year=2015&ref_=tt_eps_yr_2015) I’ll be posting about the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer soon, so check back soon!


☆Aos 2×09: Ye Who Enter Here☆

Okay, I know I’m late. Sorry! I was sick and lazy ;-; But, anyway, here’s my review(-ish thing) for the most recent episode. I could give a brief synopsis, and tell you what I think in a calm, controlled way. But, that’s not the way I do things.

MACCCCCCCCC. OMG OMG OMG. He’d better survive that somehow. I love him so much, he can’t die. And I love his relationships with Bobbi & Fitz. When he called Fitz Turbo… HE CANT DIE. But now I want to write angsty fic where Bobbi and Fitz comfort each other and cry. But whatever.

And I wonder what Bobbi is hiding from Hunter???? I ship Huntingbird so much

OKAY OKAY OKAY I almost cried during this episode. Why? Fitzsimmons. Because now they are Fitz and Simmons, not Fitzsimmons. I LOVE MY LITTLE SCIENCE BABIES WHY CANT THEY JUST BE FRIENDS AND LOVE EACH OTHER AGAIN WHYYYYY

Sam and Billy are hilarious though. I love them, even if they’re only there for comic relief.

I kind of wish Skye and Raina would end up being sisters. I know that probably won’t happen, especially since Skye called Raina the daughter her father never had. But I like the idea.

And is Skye a Kree? Or part Kree? hmmmm…

I trust Ward, for the most part. He’s obviously not perfect, but he wants to help Skye, not hurt her. I’m excited to see her meet her dad in the next episode!

The next episode is the winter finale. 😦 I’m excited for Agent Carter, but I’ll miss the agents. Luckily, they’ll be back this spring!

ttyl! (I’ll try to most more soon.)


☆AoS 2×05: A Hen In The Wolfhouse☆

THIS EPISODE. OMG. Okay, so FitzSimmons met up again, ASDFGHJKL;. Buuuut, now that “Simmons” (aka Fitz’s subconscious) was checking out Mac, I kinda ship Mitz… I have a new headcanon to make this work for me… Fitz is bi. OKAY OKAY OKAY AND THEN- Bobbi Morse is so kickass! But she’s also totally a person too, and I love her!  And I’m sure Bobbi and Hunter will be hilarious :’D So, Skye’s father… IS AN ALIEN MONSTER! Me and my BFF think that it would be so cool, if Skye had powers and became a superhero. I really want to know Skye’s real name, I NEED TO KNOW. And I know why Skye’s dad hates Coulson… because Coulson is a father-figure to Skye! I love their father-daughter relationship so much! I’m so glad Simmons didn’t die, I totally called it. I knew a main character wouldn’t die like that, but my BFF thought she would die. I was the right one! I’m excited to see what happens with Ward in the next episode, but I’ll have to wait a whole week. The suspense will surely kill me.