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☆AoS 3×13: Parting Shot☆

late and this episode killed me. KILLED ME. i’m serious. I’m a zombie right now.Ok but for real, this was effing intense, man


Bobbi and Hunter at the bar

The episode was all about Bobbi and Hunter… the best, most in-love, imperfect children. It takes place in different times– sometimes it shows them when they’re captured, other times, how they got to be where they were. There was an amazing scene where they talked about the vacations they’ve never had, and they were leaning so close, I couldn’t deal. I can’t deal. I will never be able to deal. And he just stares at her, and she’s so… wioenrfekdlf THEYRE SO IN LOVE HELP ME. Then, one of the prison-y, they’re captured scenes, they’re taking Hunter away and he yells repeatedly “Let me speak to Bobbi!” They kill me, you guys. One of the guards / ppl there realizes something “you are each other’s weaknesses”, he says. SO TRUE. SO PAINFUL TO MY HEART BC THEYRE GOING THROUGH SHIT RIGHT NOW. Back in ‘how they got there’ time zone, Bobbi is talking to Hunter and the rest of the team through comms, and then he’s not responding, and she’s all “please tell me you’re okay!” and she’s so desperate and uGH. In prison-y time zone, they’re reunited, Bobbi takes his hand saying she thought he was dead. They share a few words, and they do the forehead touch. the fOREHEAD TOUCH. the end of the episode was so intense, they end up leaving the team, and leaving helping the government forever, to protect SHIELD. At the very end, the two of them are in a bar, then they keep getting drinks from other people in the bar– the rest of the team, and they can’t talk bc ppl are watching, and it’ll put the SHIELD agents in danger. Bobbi says it’s “A spy’s goodbye”. They all drink and raise their glasses, and then leave. Mack hovers, teary eyed. Bobbi is also half crying, and Hunter tears up, along with the rest of the team looking sad / tearful as well. Music is playing, which makes it all so much more emotional. I had to repeatedly pinch my neck to keep from crying and I was sweating so much by the end. It was a perfect send-off though, probably my favorite episode. But also the most painful. I can’t believe my babies won’t be on the show anymore :c


Bobbi and Daisy

Daisy/Bobbi is now my fave friendship okay, but like really. Bobbi is saying Daisy will learn Russian eventually, and Daisy’s all “yeah, so hopeful” and later Bobbi says,

“You ready, sestra?” (meaning sister)

and Daisy responds, “Da.”

literally the best. they’re the best.


let’s hope tonight’s ep is good!