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☆AoS 3×18: The Singularity☆

late but wtf-ever | also super short post bc lazy af



Daisy and HiveWard

hey so we had to deal with hive/daisy this week, puke me!!! i h8 this ship, it’s toxic and i just hate it. anyway, daisy also had to fight fitz, which was sad as heck. the saddest part was that she was choking him, which brought back memories of his asphyxia. and she said next time, she’d break his neck. so that was really sad and hopefully daisy will be cured of the virus soon, because this is painful.






Fitz and Simmons kissing

the main thing that happened in this episode: fitzsimmons doing the do. they were super cute and dorky while getting there, which was nice and in-character. twitter exploding, at least some of it. but, some people feel it was a little rushed — maybe foreshadowing one of them dying in the season finale. others say it would make no sense to kill them, as they are the bulk of the show. i don’t know. but they were pretty dang cute. and mack mentioned lancebob, so i’m all good with it.


someone is gonna die this season finale. if i’m being completely honest, i only really care about a few characters: joey, elena, and lincoln. it’d be nice if fitzsimmons and mack survived too. best case scenario is that hive or coulson dies bc i’m not a fan of either of them. we’ll see.


tonight’s episode will feature a volatile lincoln…