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☆Aos 2×09: Ye Who Enter Here☆

Okay, I know I’m late. Sorry! I was sick and lazy ;-; But, anyway, here’s my review(-ish thing) for the most recent episode. I could give a brief synopsis, and tell you what I think in a calm, controlled way. But, that’s not the way I do things.

MACCCCCCCCC. OMG OMG OMG. He’d better survive that somehow. I love him so much, he can’t die. And I love his relationships with Bobbi & Fitz. When he called Fitz Turbo… HE CANT DIE. But now I want to write angsty fic where Bobbi and Fitz comfort each other and cry. But whatever.

And I wonder what Bobbi is hiding from Hunter???? I ship Huntingbird so much

OKAY OKAY OKAY I almost cried during this episode. Why? Fitzsimmons. Because now they are Fitz and Simmons, not Fitzsimmons. I LOVE MY LITTLE SCIENCE BABIES WHY CANT THEY JUST BE FRIENDS AND LOVE EACH OTHER AGAIN WHYYYYY

Sam and Billy are hilarious though. I love them, even if they’re only there for comic relief.

I kind of wish Skye and Raina would end up being sisters. I know that probably won’t happen, especially since Skye called Raina the daughter her father never had. But I like the idea.

And is Skye a Kree? Or part Kree? hmmmm…

I trust Ward, for the most part. He’s obviously not perfect, but he wants to help Skye, not hurt her. I’m excited to see her meet her dad in the next episode!

The next episode is the winter finale. 😦 I’m excited for Agent Carter, but I’ll miss the agents. Luckily, they’ll be back this spring!

ttyl! (I’ll try to most more soon.)