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✿Agent Carter 2×04: Smoke & Mirrors✿

late, but still (somewhat kind of) great !! >:-c


Peggy in her flashback wearing a wedding dress.

In this episode, we got to see flashbacks of Peggy’s life as a child, how she rebelled against the typical games and manner of a polite young girl of those times. We get to meet her awesome brother, Michael. She grows up, and we learn she is offered a job in combat, but she denies, saying that’s not her plan for her future, and she doesn’t think she’s suited to that kind of work. We learn she is engaged, as well. She gets a letter inviting her to join still, but she ignores it. Michael, who works in the army, meets Peggy’s fiancee, who I can’t remember the name of. He asks Peggy if this is really what she wants, asking her to remember her childhood and consider a life of combat. He then admits that he’s the one who recommended her to the SSR (or whatever it was called then). She says that this is what she wants, and she doesn’t have to listen to him. Later on, Peggy’s mother is helping her try on her wedding dress. Her mother then goes to the door, it’s army people telling her that Michael has died. Peggy is very sad and emotional, of course, and she takes the letter into consideration, in Michael’s honor. I wish Peggy didn’t have to go through all this pain– Michael dying, Steve dying, and so on. Michael seemed like such a good character, too. It was an interesting set of flashbacks!


Whitney / Agnes with a large crack on her face, exposing the zero matter inside.

Whitney / Agnes had flashbacks in this episode, too. About her life as a young girl, loving science despite her mother telling her it wouldn’t get her anywhere, and growing up and using her pretty face more to her advantage, and taking on a job as an actress. She kills this guy that Peggy is interrogating, who (I think) was also the guy who used to date her mother, and her husband finds out that she’s not quite human anymore. I’m sympathetic to her backstory, and her position, and she certainly intrigues me. However, I do not support her current actions– She’s the villain of the story, and she acts like one.


Jarvis holding a tranquilizer gun

This episode was really funny! Jarvis gets tranquilized and says “Jarvelous”, Peggy and Sousa interrogate a guy by giving him a severe cold and telling him it’s a deadly virus, and general tranquilized Jarvis is hilarious 😂







✰Avengers: Age of Ultron review✰

Hey! So, I saw Age of Ultron on Thurs. I have quite a bit to say on the subject. Before we get started, let me say a few things. 1- I went to a double feature, and didn’t get much sleep the night before, so I was tired during the movie. If I wasn’t so tired I think I would have enjoyed it more. 2- I did enjoy the movie. There were a lot of things I didn’t like, yes– but overall I liked the movie. 3- I was reading people’s reviews and rants about AoU on tumblr, so a lot of my ideas are not from me.


Now, I think I’m going to start with what I didn’t like about the movie.

The main thing I didn’t like was what Joss did with Natasha’s character. In CA:TWS, she had a lot of character development. In AoU, that was all stripped away to make her a flirty love interest. I don’t mind that she is in a romantic plot, but she was acting totally out of character. Some of the time, like when she was with Clint, or when they were all fighting, she seemed like herself. But with Bruce she was different. I think I would have minded the love story less if they had hinted at it before, instead of just throwing it randomly at us. And Bruce falls on top of Nat,,, it’s just– ew.(I mean her boobs were in his face. It was too much) I don’t want to hate on Brucetasha shippers. If you ship Brucetasha, that’s completely fine! And it’s not only because I ship Clintasha, although that is part of it. But it’s the fact that Natasha’s whole role in the movie was to be Bruce’s love interest. Out of all the Avengers, of course it’s the female who gets captured, and of course Bruce rescues her, even though Clint was the one who found out where she was. Again, I have read other’s opinions on this subject and I am using them in this. This next thing especially was not a thing I thought of. She says she’s a monster because she can’t have children. All her scary, dark, traumatic past, was the fact that she was sterilized. Not the fact that she killed innocent people, or anything else. Some normal women can’t have babies either, and that doesn’t mean they’re monsters. She had to be the one to calm the Hulk down. And she wanted to run away with Bruce? That was probably the most ooc thing she did in the movie. It does not seem like she would do that. I am sorry if you are offended by any of this. Feel free to give your opinions in the comments!

Clint’s family. The main reason I didn’t like this was because I ship Clintasha really hard. But it also just came out of nowhere. They could have at least mentioned it in some other movies, but they just threw it in here.

I didn’t like the flashbacks as much as I thought I would. I understand that Thor’s was leading to Infinity War and Ragnerok, but I wasn’t really a fan of his flashbacks. I also wasn’t a fan of the fact that Thor didn’t have that big of a part in this movie, either. And Natasha’s backstory– I wanted more of it. It also focused on “graduation day” a lot, instead of things like her having to kill other girls in the Red Room. I did enjoy getting to know more of her past though, the part with the ballet was cool.

I hated that Pietro aka Quicksilver died. I understand that it fueled Wanda, but still. This was the first movie he was a part of, and he died it in. I really enjoyed his character, and I wish there had been more of him.

Now, let me talk about the things I did like.

Clintasha. Clintasha obviously wasn’t romantically canon in this movie, as much as I wished it would be. But it was platonically canon, and I could imagine it to be romantic. At the start, Clint gets shot and Natasha calls his name and goes to him, which gave me shippy feels. Also after Wanda messed with everyone’s heads, and Natasha was acting different because of it, and Clint had his arm around her… And how she interacted with the kids was great. They were even going to name their kid after her… God, I ship them so hard. Also when he was recovering and she joked about how “pretending to care about him really brought the team together” or something along those lines and he smirked and ughhhhh. Feels. At the very start of the movie when he got shot, and she called his name, and he said he didn’t have a girlfriend, I hoped Clintasha might have a chance. Sadly, I was wrong.

I loved the party scene, that was one of my favorite scenes in the whole movie. The team joking around was great. I loved how Helen Cho was saying she’d go if Thor went. And I love how Maria coughed and said “testosterone”. And I loved how Tony and Thor were comparing wives. I mean, it’s not like they’re objects to be compared, but I was glad to know they still existed.

I love love loved when Steve said “language” and everyone kept teasing him about it, that was one of my favorite parts of the movie. And when Tony was hoping there would be a secret door.. I loved all the comedy in this movie!

The twins were pretty awesome. The movie didn’t really mention the fact that they were held away in cells, which we saw in CA:TWS, but their characters were amazing. I was a big fan of Pietro, and him and Clint are one of my fave brotps. Wanda messing with everyone’s minds was cool, and I liked how aware she was of everything. She knew things about everyone, obviously because she was messing with their brains, but yeah it was cool.

Ultron was an awesome villan. He was truly weird and creepy and crazy. The fact that he attacked Jarvis, and how much he could learn in the first few minutes of his “life”. I thought he was a cool villain, definitely a villain I wanted to hate.

Vision was pretty cool, him and Thor being buds was pretty awesome. Caped crusaders right there. I hope we’ll get to see more of him in future movies, I want to see more of his character.

Well, that’s all I have for now. Feel free to comment what you thought!


☺︎☻Top Ten: Lines from AoU (clips, TV spots, and trailers)☻☺︎

Hey! Another Top Ten post, this time about lines said in AoU. What can I say? I’m way too excited for this movie. 😉

10. “I tried to create a suit of armor around the world… but I created something terrible.”

Tony was just trying to help the world… Not destroy it. But that might be what happens. He’s getting all the blame, but— he wasn’t trying to do anything wrong.

9. “You had to ask…”

Thor and Steve banter = coolness.

8. “I’m always picking up after you boys.”

Natasha, queen of sass. Also she picks up the shield, and throws it to Cap, so.. The two of them working together is pretty cool.

7. “Well, you amazingly failed!”

True that, Natasha, true that. Also Steve’s snicker after that is golden. Although, I saw an expanded clip of that, and it doesn’t flow that way, but still.

6. “Only when I’ve created a murder-bot!”

Yeah, as I’ve mentioned before, Bruce saying this and shrugging a bit later in the clip is really adorkable.

5. “I just slipped.”

Steve sounds so weird and goofy when saying this line,,, it’s great.

4. “Oh, we will.”

We get to hear Wanda’s awesome accent 😍

3. “You didn’t see that coming?”


2. “We have no place in the world.”

Natasha’s past, bruh. Feels.

1. “If you step out that door, you are an avenger.”

An awesome line, and after he says it, we see Wanda stepping out a door, so… That’s a good sign. Also it’s just such an important line, and I’m happy that Clint gets an important role in this movie.



✰New Age of Ultron trailer!✰

Hey hey hey! I’m here to post about the latest AoU TV spot. It gave me many feels. I’ll paste a link to the video, and then I’ll post my comments while saying what time in the trailer I was watching. Cool? Cool.

Link: http://io9.com/somehow-avengers-age-of-ultron-saved-the-awesomest-tr-1692397376

Let’s start!

0:03- Maria! I love her! :-0 So glad she’s in this movie!

0:04- Steve’s the boss. He looks like a modellll(someone on tumblr mentioned this) *heART eyeS* 😍

0:05- cliNT MY SON. But seriously every bit of footage with him in it is worth savoring, because we finally get to learn more about him. 

0:07- Well, Tony is telling the truth.

0:09- Everyone does look hella cool.

0:15- Ultron is a butt.

0:19- Yay, Fury!

0:30- “I just slipped” send halp. steve is being cute and sassy and i- HHHHHHH and he thew a fREAKING MOTORCYCLE

0:33- Kickass, gorgeous, and an amazing person ❤️


0:45- he spEAKS. And he’s helping the twins. And we do see Scarlet Witch stepping out the door in her clips.





✰Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer #3✰

Hey hey hey! I’m going to post about the new AoU trailer! So many feels! Here’s a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAUoeqvedMo so you can go watch it if you haven’t already! I’ll be commenting about different parts, and putting approximately the time they happened, so you can watch those parts to see what I’m talking about. Here we go!

0:08- Some sad/dramatic sounding music

0:13- Scarlet Witch looks so pretty!

0:19- That sculpture looks way cool. I really really like it.

0:21- a blonde woman looks at what’s happening, which reminds me of the blonde waitress from the Avengers.

0:28- Ultron says he will take hope from people. We can see him breaking free.

0:30- lots of destruction. It seems this will be a darker movie.

0:37- destruction again.

0:40- Here we see a shiny upgraded Stark Tower, now Avengers Tower. (We already saw that it would become Avengers Tower in CA:TWS when people are getting targeted.)

0:48- Glasses!Bruce

0:52- Science Bros! Who is on Tony’s shirt? A singer or something?

0:57- poor Steve. If he failed to save those people, I’m sure he’ll blame himself for it later.

1:01- Brucetasha? Hopefully not. I ship Clintasha, but even if Clintasha doesn’t work out, I prefer WinterWidow/Buckynat or Romanogers to Brucetasha. nerdyhawk from Thoughts from A Marvel Nerd (https://ihearthawkeye.wordpress.com/) said that it was most likely Scarlet Witch using her powers to make visions. (See: https://ihearthawkeye.wordpress.com/2015/03/04/the-new-age-of-ultron-trailer-is-so-awesome-a-breakdown/)

1:05- One of my favorite parts of this trailer. This movie definitely seems dark, but it looks like they’ll throw in a pinch of humor, which is nice.

1:09- Badass group shot. Another of my favorite parts.

1:17- Another group shot, minus Clint/Hawkeye.

1:21- Face off. Tony, Thor and Steve vs Ultron, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver.

1:25- This part looks so pretty! The quality, the colors, everything! I like how Steve, Bruce and Tony are positioned, too.

1:26- Steve is pretty, too. I mean that in terms of me liking his face, but also the way it’s set up and the quality and the new suit.

1:32- Sassy Natty. Helping Cap, cool.

1:37- Some Hulk vs Hulkbuster action.

1:39- Natasha is being controlled by Scarlet Witch– yikes!

1:46- Thorrrrr

1:50- lol

1:52- Reminds me of Bobbi Morse from AoS..

1:55- Battle buddies

2:03- First look at Ultron. Cooool.

Another stunning trailer! May seems like an eternity from now. I’m really excited for this movie, but I’m also scared of how it will play out. Fingers crossed that no Avenger dies. (We know most of them can’t, as they have been confirmed for other movies.)


✿Agent Carter 1×04: The Blitzkrieg Button✿

I know, I know. I’m way late. I have a busy life, sorry. Anyway, I don’t remember many details from this episode but I’ll talk about shiz anyway. So okay, apparently Dottie is a Black Widow?? The coming episode will involve the Red Room?? Or so I’ve heard, thanks to some articles. That’s pretty cool, any connections to Nat are always nice 🙂 Also, Howard is basically a butthole. He lied to Peggy, and he objectifies women. Douchebag, much? The Steve’s blood thing was cool. It’s always nice to see how much Peggy cares about Steve, and aspires to be like him. Steggy4Life. And yay, Stan Lee cameo! He cameos in everything and I love it. Jarvis really seems to be a nice and caring person, and I hope he can patch up his relationship with Peggy. I have heard of some people shipping Howard and Peggy, but I’m like nah. I ship Peggy and Angie. It was mean but kind of clever how the cyanide pills were actually just breath mints. When Sousa captured that guy and was trying to sympathize with him… Yeah okay I love Sousa. I somewhat ship him with Peggy, and some people have speculated that they might get married. We know Peggy can’t marry Howard, because Tony’s mother is Maria. But we do know that Peggy marries a man, so Angie’s out of the picture. Sousa is still an option.  Well, that’s basically all I have to say for now.

I’ll post again soon!



So, I’m in an art class, and the teacher knows that I’m pretty dang obsessed with Captain America. So she told me of a boy she teaches. He’s 9 years old, and obsessed with Captain America. He carries a Captain America shield around everywhere. In his art class, he’s doing a whole lesson on drawing shields/targets, and he gets to design his own shield. My teacher said she was telling me because she wanted me to know that I wasn’t alone in my obsession xD.

If I ever met that boy, I’m sure we’d be buddies.    ☆