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☆AoS 2×13: One of Us☆

I’m not actually that late this time! Woot woot!

So, the episode. Personally, I didn’t like this episode as much as some. Andrew was pretty cool, and there were some highlights. But overall, I didn’t feel like this episode was as good as normal. 😕  I’m sure this was someone’s favorite episode, and I don’t mean to offend. Different opinions, right? S’ok. ANYWAY. We met a new character this episode– Andrew, May’s ex-husband. It was nice to have him on the show, trying to help Skye. I, like Simmons, wonder why they broke it off– When we see May and Andrew chatting in the kitchen, it seems special. May doesn’t act that way around anyone else. Andrew is apparently dating someone else, though. I was reluctant to ship them anyway, because I’m already trying to mentally force one divorced couple back together. 😉 When Fitz and Simmons are talking about the fact that May and Andrew obviously still have feelings for each other (while basically talking about themselves) We see that the owner of the Grumpy Cat mug (as seen in a previous episode) is Fitz. Nice.

fitz w/ grumpy cat mug


(Wrong subtitles, I know. Not my pic.) Yes, I have inserted a picture! My first picture 🙂 This was suggested by the amazing L. I don’t want to mess with copyrights, so I posted the link here just to be safe. Not sure if this pic will show up, but either way, I’m going to start posting pics.

Anyway! Cal gets a group of inhuman people together, and he’s starting to become likable in the crazy uncle kind of way. Although the people he pulls together have remarkable powers, they don’t do very much damage, which was a bit surprising. They target Coulson’s hometown, and we learn that Coulson’s father died when he was only 9. Aww. Also we learn that Skye wasn’t containing her powers– she was hurting herself instead. Poor Skye 😢

Last but not least– the other SHIELD. When Lance was yelling about how he wanted Bobbi to rot in hell, well 💔  This other SHIELD is interesting… I’ve heard rumors that it could be SWORD or AIM. (I haven’t read enough comics to have theories like that myself) Who knows. Luckily it seems like we’ll find out more in the next episode.

Bye for now!