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✿Agent Carter 1×08: Valediction✿

This is it. This is the end.

Okay, so this was the finale. Fingers crossed for a season two, but that hasn’t been confirmed. Anyway, this episode was great! As are all the episodes. When Sousa breathed in the crazy gas (midnight oil) That was———– ahhh my baby. I really like Daniel and yeah. If you couldn’t already tell, my thoughts on this episode will mainly be incoherent. And then Howard gave himself up for bait. It so wasn’t his fault. I mean, yes, he did make those things, but it was other people who used them for wrongdoing. When Howard admits that he’s done wrong, but he’s not a bad person and Ivchenko says “Yes. Yes you are” and Howard eyes are tearing up because he knows he’s done bad things. Feels. And then he gets hypnotized. Jarvisssss. When he says he’ll fly the plane and will shoot Howard down if necessary but he really really doesn’t want to hurt/kill Howard but he’s willing to take the risk because if he has to kill him it’ll be to save many more lives. Jarvis is such a good, nice person. I love him. Peggy and Dottie were fighting, and in the end when Dottie was kicked out of the window, I thought she was dead. Near the end of the episode, she’s gone, so she obviously lives. Peggy says that she thinks they’ll run into her again, teasing the thought of a second season. I loved how Daniel had earplugs in and totally didn’t get hypnotized by Ivchenko. That was awesome. Luckily Peggy pulls Howard of his trance, in a scene resembling the one where Steve is about to crash the plane into the water. Afterwards, when we see Peggy walk into the office to join the SSR again, the other agents clap for her. She finally gets the recognition she deserves. I thought maybe she would be treated with more respect. But then some guy who is a senator or something congratulates Thompson. Thompson accepts it, much to my disgust. AHHHH. But Peggy says she doesn’t need anyone to applaud her, because she knows her worth. Daniel got mad at Thompson, which was nice. He’s finally realizing that Peggy deserves to be treated with respect, so that’s nice. And we got to see Angie again! And it looks like she and Peggy will be staying together at one of Howard’s houses! Yay! They’re awesome, and I kind of ship them. I love Angie so muchhhhh. And Jarvis gave Peggy Steve’s blood which was so thoughtful of him. He’s such a sweet guy. And Peggy poured the blood into the water. That scene gave me so many feelings. “Goodbye, my darling.” Made me want to cry. I ship Steggy so much and I really really wish they could have been together and happy and I’ll never be over that. They would have been great together, and they both feel an ache in their heart thinking of each other and I really want them to be together with a burning passion.

This was an AMAZING show, and I really want more. Here’s to hoping they’ll make another season!


✿Agent Carter 1×07: SNAFU✿

Late, I know, but at least I’m posting on Monday instead of Tuesday 😅

so, this episode– There was some hypnotizing… which wasn’t explained. Dottie is cool and amazing. When Peggy was talking about Steve’s blood- Omg, Steggy feels maximized. //cries forever             Dooley wasn’t my favorite character, but it was really sad that he died 😰 When Peggy was being interrogated, that was a good part. I liked the montage of the interrogators, and when she told them what she was to them. Later when they asked how she could have carried out investigation without them knowing, and she says that they never notice her “unless I have your reports, your coffee, or your lunch, I’m invisible.” Which is true, and now hopefully the men realize their mistakes. I love Sousa, he’s pretty dang cool, but like every other agent, he never thought that Peggy was that capable, which disappoints me. But Thompson and Sousa both said they believed Peggy, which is a step in the right direction.

On another note, tomorrow’s episode is the last. Although there are rumors of a possible season 2:

Jose Molina@JoseMolinaTV Feb 17

That’s right, next week is only #AgentCarter‘s SEASON finale. If the ratings are strong, the writers and actors are ready for season two!

Jose Molina@JoseMolinaTV Feb 17

Clarifying: we’re all hoping for a season two of #AgentCarter, which (ratings pending) is very possible. As long as y’all watch — LEGALLY!

So, that means there’s a chance we could have a second season!! 😄 The sad thing is, the ratings haven’t been too good. Us fans have been watching but non-marvel fans aren’t. If you have social media accounts, spread the word about the awesome show called Agent Carter. Make sure people have ways to watch legally, though. Here are some places which say they are legal:





Some of those sources may not work for some people, but try them out. If you are posting about Agent Carter online, spread these and other links around so that people can watch the show! I am excited for AoS to start again, though!

I’ll talk to you later about tomorrow’s episode!


✿Agent Carter 1×06: A Sin to Err✿

Late post, yet again. A thousand apologies. Okay, let me say some shizzle.

Okay, so Peggy gets cornered by Thompson and Sousa. When Daniel doesn’t capture Peggy, I just– Feels, k? Like, I’m shipping them at that moment. My favorite part of the episode was when Angie started crying and everyone didn’t know what to do. And when Thompson said Gam-gam, that was pretty dang funny ok. Like, I mainly ship Peggy with Angie but—/. Some people ship her with Howard too. But we know she won’t end up with either of them. In CA:TWS we see her spouse is a guy, so that rules out Angie. The MCU also told us that Tony’s mother is named Maria. Sooooo. It could be Sousa though, and that’s what I’m hoping for. I’ve come to accept that Peggy and Angie won’t end up together. Now that Daniel and Peggy’s ship is sailing hard for me, I’ve started to ship Angie with Jack Thompson. Kind of a crackship, I know, but…

While Howard’s list of ladies was slightly amusing, it proves his doucheness. Like, really? That many girls? He’s an asshole. I was happy that Dottie killed that guy. I mean, yeah it was a little overboard, but the guy was trying to rape her. (Or so it seemed) I am loving Dottie lately. And when she kissed Peggy… If only there was some real lesbian representation.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll talk to you guys later!


✿Agent Carter 1×05: The Iron Ceiling✿

Gah, I’m really late, but I’m making sure to cram this in before tonights episode.

(Reason for my lateness- business, laziness, two performances, etc)

Okay, so we see Dottie as a child in the Red Room. Dottie is the villain, but thanks to others views, I’ve started to like her. Another girl gives Dottie some bread, and the two seem to become friendly. We then see Dottie being instructed to snap the girl’s neck. Later on in the episode, Dottie handcuffs herself to her bed. In the Red Room flashback, the girls were handcuffed to their beds. Through this we can see the lasting effect the Red Room has on Dottie. The Howling Commandos are back! In this episode they truly kick butt. Jack Thompson doubts Peggy at first, dismissing her because of her gender. Throughout the mission he learns to appreciate her. He ends up telling her the fact that he has done a bad thing, but everyone thought it was good, because they didn’t know the whole story. He reveals that he has always tried to tell the story. Peggy is the one he told. At the end of the episode, we see Thompson invite Peggy out for dinner, accepting her as “one of the guys”. Daniel Sousa notices that Peggy is the woman they were looking for, yikes! I’m worried for Peggy. From the trailer for next episode, it looks like Thompson will be the one to confront her. (Or was it Sousa?) When Sousa saw Peggy partially undressed, I was excited for a funny, blush-filled scene, but it wasn’t that lighthearted. I totally ship Sousa with Peg, although I ship her with Angie more. Angie hasn’t been a big part of these last episodes, which depresses me. Dugan is one of my favorite Howling Commandos, I was worried when the young girl stabbed him. Luckily, he survived. My family thought the little girl was evil, although I beg to differ. She had been tortured, and conditioned to be the way she was. Anyway, this was one of my favorite episodes, and I’m excited for the episode tonight!

I’ll try to post again soon!