Q & A

Ask me questions! You can ask about anything!

I will answer questions down here! ↓

Q: Do you have Twitter?

A: No, sadly. 😦 But I have a Wattpad account and a Fanfiction account, if you want to read my fan fiction.


https://www.fanfiction.net/u/6239665/agents-of-ships (it’s been a while since I updated stuff on this account, jsyk)

Q:Hello there! So people keep saying that an angers is likely to be killed off in AOU… What’s your opinion on this matter? xx. L.

A: I assume that you meant an Avenger 🙂 Typos are annoying sometimes. I think it will most likely be either Bruce or Pietro. I will post a longer post explaining my reasoning behind this. Thanks for asking!

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