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☆AoS 3×09: Closure☆

i’m late, and I forgot what happened in this episode, so this’ll surely be an interesting review.



S0. Oh my god. Rosalind was shot in the throat and killed. Tbh, I was never a huge fan of Rosalind. Still, she was a female character, so it sucks that she died. Sure, there’s other females. But, I mean– Izzy, Kara, Jiaying, and now Rosalind go on the list of strong females that deserved more of a plot. Anyway, Ward shot her (from an incredibly far distance, I might add) with a sniper, killing her. Just when it seemed Coulson had found someone he liked, and who liked him. Coulson becomes hellbent on revenge, and Coulson and Ward continue to anger each other, resulting in both of them throwing their phones angrily.



Simmons looking at Fitz



Fitz and Simmons got captured again 😦 It was very a very sad scene– Ward had Simmons tortured in another room, and made Fitz listen to her screams. Simmons was shown being extremely brave, and not backing down to Ward. She’s really such a great character, and her story and development is enthralling to watch. Eventually, Ward forces Fitz to go into the portal, or else Ward will kill Simmons. Simmons asks Fitz not to go, but he does. They say a few sad parting lines, and go. Ward goes in the portal with them.


Thomas Ward

In this episode we were introduced to an older Thomas Ward. And, can I just say that I love him? I love how Bobbi seemed like a big sister to him– I already stan that relationship(as friends/sibling dynamic, not romantic) and he just seems like a nice, fluffy, cutie. Coulson, Bobbi, and Hunter, capture him and use him to track Ward down. They see that Ward goes into the portal. Then, Coulson jumps into the portal at the last second from the plane– he falls onto the planet and hits his head on a rock.


Also, Mack was standing in for director, and it seems May, Mack, and Daisy, along with Lincoln and Joey, will be going to the scene as well. Tonight’s episode is the midseason finale, which i’m pretty scared for. Don’t worry though, Agent Carter comes back mid-January, and maybe I’ll post some other stuff between them. Fingers crossed my faves survive tonight!






☆AoS 2×07: The Writing On The Wall☆

Once again, a late post! I’m going to try to make a schedule soon, and stick with it. I’ll post that schedule when I make it, hopefully later today. Anyway, on with the episode review.

In this episode, we finally got to see what the strange writing was! Finally! It apparently is a city, and HYDRA is looking for it too.  We got to know more about the Tahiti project, which was also nice. Luckily, now that Coulson knows what the writing is, he won’t be acting so crazy, which is good. I was worried about him, especially at the beginning of this episode. He’s okay now, so all is well. It was very annoying when Ward found out Bobbi was following him. But Hunter’s cowboy hat was hilarious, and I loved his banter with Bobbi about it. And when Simmons asked if anyone wanted to leave the room, I hoped Fitz would. Why? Because that’s the way we know him, he doesn’t like dead things. It was pretty intense when Coulson got “tortured”. He was thrashing around, and Mac had to hold him down. That part was really intense. I stand with Ward. Obviously the team is still trying to find him, but he’s helping them too. He’s not a perfect person, but he has some good left in him, I know it. Okay, and Ward’s beard??? I saw him on Dancing With The Stars a while back, and he had short hair and was clean shaven. I was surprised, but after seeing the show and he still looked like his old self, I forgot about it. I should have realized that they record things before the network airs them, but I didn’t. Ward looks different, but hopefully I’ll get used to it soon.

I’ll talk to you more about AoS Wednesday! Later!