✰Avengers: Age of Ultron review✰

Hey! So, I saw Age of Ultron on Thurs. I have quite a bit to say on the subject. Before we get started, let me say a few things. 1- I went to a double feature, and didn’t get much sleep the night before, so I was tired during the movie. If I wasn’t so tired I think I would have enjoyed it more. 2- I did enjoy the movie. There were a lot of things I didn’t like, yes– but overall I liked the movie. 3- I was reading people’s reviews and rants about AoU on tumblr, so a lot of my ideas are not from me.


Now, I think I’m going to start with what I didn’t like about the movie.

The main thing I didn’t like was what Joss did with Natasha’s character. In CA:TWS, she had a lot of character development. In AoU, that was all stripped away to make her a flirty love interest. I don’t mind that she is in a romantic plot, but she was acting totally out of character. Some of the time, like when she was with Clint, or when they were all fighting, she seemed like herself. But with Bruce she was different. I think I would have minded the love story less if they had hinted at it before, instead of just throwing it randomly at us. And Bruce falls on top of Nat,,, it’s just– ew.(I mean her boobs were in his face. It was too much) I don’t want to hate on Brucetasha shippers. If you ship Brucetasha, that’s completely fine! And it’s not only because I ship Clintasha, although that is part of it. But it’s the fact that Natasha’s whole role in the movie was to be Bruce’s love interest. Out of all the Avengers, of course it’s the female who gets captured, and of course Bruce rescues her, even though Clint was the one who found out where she was. Again, I have read other’s opinions on this subject and I am using them in this. This next thing especially was not a thing I thought of. She says she’s a monster because she can’t have children. All her scary, dark, traumatic past, was the fact that she was sterilized. Not the fact that she killed innocent people, or anything else. Some normal women can’t have babies either, and that doesn’t mean they’re monsters. She had to be the one to calm the Hulk down. And she wanted to run away with Bruce? That was probably the most ooc thing she did in the movie. It does not seem like she would do that. I am sorry if you are offended by any of this. Feel free to give your opinions in the comments!

Clint’s family. The main reason I didn’t like this was because I ship Clintasha really hard. But it also just came out of nowhere. They could have at least mentioned it in some other movies, but they just threw it in here.

I didn’t like the flashbacks as much as I thought I would. I understand that Thor’s was leading to Infinity War and Ragnerok, but I wasn’t really a fan of his flashbacks. I also wasn’t a fan of the fact that Thor didn’t have that big of a part in this movie, either. And Natasha’s backstory– I wanted more of it. It also focused on “graduation day” a lot, instead of things like her having to kill other girls in the Red Room. I did enjoy getting to know more of her past though, the part with the ballet was cool.

I hated that Pietro aka Quicksilver died. I understand that it fueled Wanda, but still. This was the first movie he was a part of, and he died it in. I really enjoyed his character, and I wish there had been more of him.

Now, let me talk about the things I did like.

Clintasha. Clintasha obviously wasn’t romantically canon in this movie, as much as I wished it would be. But it was platonically canon, and I could imagine it to be romantic. At the start, Clint gets shot and Natasha calls his name and goes to him, which gave me shippy feels. Also after Wanda messed with everyone’s heads, and Natasha was acting different because of it, and Clint had his arm around her… And how she interacted with the kids was great. They were even going to name their kid after her… God, I ship them so hard. Also when he was recovering and she joked about how “pretending to care about him really brought the team together” or something along those lines and he smirked and ughhhhh. Feels. At the very start of the movie when he got shot, and she called his name, and he said he didn’t have a girlfriend, I hoped Clintasha might have a chance. Sadly, I was wrong.

I loved the party scene, that was one of my favorite scenes in the whole movie. The team joking around was great. I loved how Helen Cho was saying she’d go if Thor went. And I love how Maria coughed and said “testosterone”. And I loved how Tony and Thor were comparing wives. I mean, it’s not like they’re objects to be compared, but I was glad to know they still existed.

I love love loved when Steve said “language” and everyone kept teasing him about it, that was one of my favorite parts of the movie. And when Tony was hoping there would be a secret door.. I loved all the comedy in this movie!

The twins were pretty awesome. The movie didn’t really mention the fact that they were held away in cells, which we saw in CA:TWS, but their characters were amazing. I was a big fan of Pietro, and him and Clint are one of my fave brotps. Wanda messing with everyone’s minds was cool, and I liked how aware she was of everything. She knew things about everyone, obviously because she was messing with their brains, but yeah it was cool.

Ultron was an awesome villan. He was truly weird and creepy and crazy. The fact that he attacked Jarvis, and how much he could learn in the first few minutes of his “life”. I thought he was a cool villain, definitely a villain I wanted to hate.

Vision was pretty cool, him and Thor being buds was pretty awesome. Caped crusaders right there. I hope we’ll get to see more of him in future movies, I want to see more of his character.

Well, that’s all I have for now. Feel free to comment what you thought!


11 thoughts on “✰Avengers: Age of Ultron review✰

  1. Hello. It’s been a while..😛
    I totally agree with everything you said about Tasha I thought I was one of the few that do not ship Bruce and Tasha like NO. I’d rather she dated Clint or even Steve than Bruce because it’s just so weird. Brutasha has less chemistry than Thor and Mjolnir. That’s depressing…

    On the contrary I found Clint’s little family adorable. It was really unexpected and I liked it. I would never have taken him for the type of guy who has kids. Farmer boy clint is going to make me laugh forever.

    Vision and Ultron were pretty amazing. It’s a shame they killed him I wish he were involved in more movies. He was funny and sassy af. I have such a crush on Vision now , like he is calm and wise (and soooo pretty 😳)

    What upset me the most was the lack of post credit scene like why not ? Whedon is so lazy that he couldn’t think of anything that could top the Shawarma scene. That’s pretty stupid of him. PCS are like a tradition in all marvel movies and now we don’t get any. That’s rude😡

    Ps: Did you give up on QU ? 😔

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    • I’m glad you agree about Nat and Bruce/Nat. It’s nice to find someone who saw how forced it was, and how little chemistry they had.

      Clint’s family was cute, I just thought it was kind of just thrown there. They could have made a reference in one of the other movies. Yeah, it was pretty dang cute though.

      Ultron was a pretty awesome villain. I liked how he resembled Tony’s bad parts, it made him a better villain, or so I thought.

      Yeah. I had heard that there wasn’t going to be a post credit scene, but I stayed anyway, because, come on– Every Marvel film has one. But then it didn’t. ugh. why joss, was it really that hard.

      So sorry I haven’t been a QuizUp! I’ve been busier lately, but I’ll try to get on soon so we can chat more about AoU. Thanks for commenting!


  2. I actually thought Brutasha was kinda sweet. They had something there, but it was strained, and Bruce knew it, but Tasha was just trying too hard. She can’t have had much experience with real love before, so she’s relying on her seduction techniques which would, and do, make Bruce uncomfortable. He likes her when she’s just being chummy. And it’s not like he intentionally fell on her boobs like that. He apologized because it was unintentional and he invaded her space. If anything, that bit is saying “Respect boundaries.” And it’s important to realize that when she was captured, she was captured doing something very very brave and crucial to the rest of the movie, and she was just unlucky, not because she was weak. Plus she engineered her own escape mechanism, she just needed help actually escaping, which Bruce was more than happy to do. And I feel like she’d want to run away, she always has, in a lot of ways. She just can’t do it lone because she’s scared. I feel like if she was in the same place Hulk was at the end of the movie, she would’ve left, too. She’s as much afraid of herself as Bruce is to himself. That’s the connection that she sees, and she hopes that they can heal each other, but they can’t, unfortunately.

    As for Clint’s family, I thought that was perfect. He really does seem like a family kind of guy, and he and Laura really seem happy together, which is all I want for him, is to be happy. He’s got a good thing going, and I wouldn’t trade an unhappy Clintasha for a happy Claura any day.

    Thor’s flashbacks are gonna be extended in the DVD, probably Tasha’s, too.

    Aaron Taylor-Johnson has a multi-film deal with Marvel. Quicksilver will be back. I’ve already heard plenty of theories as to how. Either his fast metabolism gives him fast healing, or Helen Cho gets involved, or, (the one I think is most likely), the Avengers use the Time Gem to alter the timestream in Infinity War. That or the Soul Gem.

    Vision is now my second favorite Avenger. I loved how they actually put makeup on Paul Bettany. It made Vision seem that much more real and grounded him a little more than Ultron. The motion-capture was fantastic, but it’s hard to beat real, onset actors. But still, I want Wandavision romance. NOW PLEASE!

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    • Brucetasha felt so forced, to me. In the other movies they didn’t act like that at all, it just came out of nowhere. Natasha was just so “in love” with Bruce, and it didn’t feel right. It seemed out of place, when she never seemed to like him like that in The Avengers. It feels strange that Bruce was the one to help save her. When she was captured, the only Avenger that was trying to find her was Clint. Bruce hardly even seemed worried. And Bruce is the one to save Natasha? When he wasn’t even planning to be in the battle anyway? Wouldn’t he assume she would fight? Or would he just assume that she would run away right then when they were needed most? Running away doesn’t really seem like something she’d do. In The Avengers she mentions multiple times that she wants to wipe out the red in her ledger, and in CA:TWS she says how she thought she was going straight but it turned out she was working for HYDRA. So when the world is at stake, she could go and fight, she could wipe the red from her ledger. (I think she has done enough to wipe out the red already, but she doesn’t seem to think so) But instead of staying and trying to save the world, save lives to make up for the ones she killed, she wants to run away with Bruce.

      I guess I can understand how Brucetasha can be viewed as something that would actually happen, but I just can’t make myself see that.

      I’m glad Quicksilver will be coming back. Although, I did hear that the multiple film deal was a trick from Joss so that people wouldn’t expect his death. I hope he comes back though.

      Wandavision would be nice 😉


      • She wants to run, because she felt like she’s fought all she can, and she’s done with it. But she regained her senses at the end because she pushed Hulk out, because she realized that they both were needed and running away was not going to fix anything. The main reason she was sad at the end was because she realized she still had a purpose and was cared for, but Bruce didn’t and he ran away. Bruce wasn’t worried about finding her because he assumed she could take care of herself, but when he realized that she was in a true sticky spot, he saw his opportunity to leave with her, and he decided to try to take it, but Tasha realized there was too much at stake, so she changed him.


        • Hm. Well, I understand what you’re saying, and I guess if you look at it that way you could think Brucetasha is plausible. But I don’t. Even if you believe their love, it’s still problematic. The most problematic part of the whole thing is that when Nat has those memories, the main depressing one she brings up is not being able to have kids. And sure, maybe that’s a big deal for her, maybe she always wanted to have kids. But the storyline doesn’t focus on her dealing with those memories. Bruce says that he can’t have kids, and Natasha says that she can’t either. The fact that she can’t have kids was there to support Bruce’s not being able to. And Clint’s family was there to show Bruce what he can’t have. That’s all fine and great if Nat can’t have kids, but thinking that is what makes her a monster, if that’s what makes her compare herself to the Hulk.. it’s just not right. She should not be used to support Bruce, her storyline should focus on her, not comparing herself to Bruce.


          • The storyline there is about both of them. One is not more important than the other. They are a unit, and they both support each other. They bond over their inability ot have kids and the whole reason Tasha thinks she’s a monster is not because she can’t have kids. That was a segue to talk about what the Red Room made her do after the sterilization, the killing, the lies, the deciet, torture. That’s what makes her a monster, not that she can’t have kids. It’s a flowing conversation about several topics, not just that.


            • Maybe it wasn’t just about the fact that she can’t have kids, but that seemed to be a main factor. Her flashbacks/dream sequences focused on the “graduation ceremony” a lot. And she said that she couldn’t have kids, and immediately after said she was a monster. Maybe it was meant to include the other things too, but imagine how someone in the audience who can’t have kids feels. Maybe it wasn’t meant to portray it that way, but that is the way quite a few people took it, and that’s a horrible message.

              Team unit? Well, Bruce is uncomfortable with Nat’s flirting at first, or so it seems. She’s the one who keeps asking to run away, even though she knows he feels unsure about. I think in-character Nat would have given him some space, not tried to force herself on him. She tried to kiss him before he was ready. Sure, that’s not a horrible mistake, but still. She knew that he was feeling iffy about the situation. The Nat I know would give him space.

              Also, before the final battle when they’re prepping up, Natasha says: “Go be a hero.” Sure, he is a hero, he can be a hero, whatever. For one thing he didn’t even want to be a hero, he always backed away from the fights (or so she said earlier) second of all– she’s a hero, too. The way she tells him to go be a hero is her helping with his storyline. If they wanted to show that Nat was a hero too, all it would take is a small change of the line. “Let’s go be heroes.” And maybe the reason for not having it like that is that Nat doesn’t think she’s a hero. But neither does Bruce. And being a hero in that situation isn’t the same as being a hero as a person. “Let’s go be heroes.” would’ve worked just fine and included both of them. Or “Let’s go save the world.” or “Let’s go fight.” anything that involved both of them instead of just Bruce. Maybe that’s a lot to say about one little line, but that one little line shows how Joss treated the Brucetasha relationship.


              • Nat has very low self-esteem, but she plays it off like she does, and she’s drawn to Bruce because she thinks that if she can help him, she can help herself find her self-confidence as he finds his. That’s really the core of their relationship. She tries to help him up, so she can help herself up. It reminds me of how I feel about me in a lot of ways. Maybe that’s why I connect with it, because it’s real for me. She isn’t weak, she just feels weak. That’s honestly pretty realistic. She doesn’t see that she’s a good person. Bruce, is different in some ways. He knows he’s good, but he finds himself struggling with this force that forces him to hurt people and he hates himself for that. Tasha’s trying to look at herself in that way, and she just likes his personality. She’s just very confused, which is NOT a detriment to her character. It makes her more grounded. Nobody has it all figured out and if they say they do, they’re lying to themselves and you. They both help each other, some ways more conscious than others, at least in attempt. It doesn’t really work out, but Tasha realizes that in the end, I think, and that’s why she says “Nothing lasts forever.” She realizes that it wasn’t meant to be and she moves on. If that’s not strength, I don’t know what is. We saw a different side of Tasha in this movie. Not a weaker one, just one who really bared her inside, and it’s kind of refreshing. She’s like anyone else, human.


  3. Well. I think I’m going to stop arguing. If someone started telling me all the ways one of my ships was wrong, I’d definitely try to defend my ship. I can see that you really believe your ship, and I don’t think I can change your opinion. I believe that they didn’t have chemistry, that they were randomly thrown together, and that Natasha was acting out of character. I’ve already stated why I think that, and you’ve stated why you think differently. Let’s just leave it at that. Agree to disagree.


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